Hunting Horn Combo Guide – MHRise

This guide will let you know about the Hunting Horn combos in MHRise.

This guide is mainly for beginners. In MH Rise, the Hunting horn plays like a brand new weapon. It is no longer a Hit-And-Run weapon.

You can play as aggressively as you want with new moves. Your bread and butter move is “perform”, Namely ZR.

Not only it is a fast-hitting move with insane DMG, but it also provides an iframe that allows for aggression.

Additionally, It applies self-improvement buffs.

If you can Master “perform”-ZR, you can master HH. Gap Closer version of perform-“Slide Burst” is ZL+X. Like perform, it also provides self-improvement and iframe.

You can use it to close the gap as much as possible.

Now let’s move on to basic combos. In MHR, a New Move, “Magnificent Trio”, is introduced.

When three different Notes (X,A,X+A) are used.

You can use it by pressing”ZR+X”.

It is by far the fastest way to apply buffs.

Now let’s learn some hunting horn combos. Combo 1: ZR>X+A->X->A->ZR+X. This combo is great for building notes from sheathed.

One more time so that we can commit to muscle memory. ZR>X+A->X->A->ZR+X.

You can change it to: ZR->X->A->X+A->ZR+X.

It has the same effect, but you can roll out to cancel/Dodge. 

Combo 2: ZR->A->X->X+A->ZR+X.

This combo is used when a monster is downed/has an opening. Let’s watch it again: ZR->A->X->X+A->ZR+X.

One More Time: ZR->A->X->X+A->ZR+X.

You can skip the ZR in the combo for a short opening.

Now you have learned the basic combos, let’s look at more advanced combos. 

In MHR, Infernal melody has a new mechanic. You can build up a Melody Gauge by Landing Hits.

When the melody gauge glows yellow.

You can use it after a magnificent trio or slide burst. It also grants song of raging flame, adding 5% Raw.

Advance Combo1: ZL+X->ZR.

This combo is for infernal melody after the gap closing. 

Watch it again: ZL+X->ZR.

Advanced combo 2: ZR+X->ZR (Magnificent tro ready).

It is a Great combo on downed Monster/Small op3ning. One more time: ZR+X->ZR.

Last but not least, we have “Earthshaker”-ZL+A. Due to its drawn-out animation and devastating power.

It can be used as a combo finisher or on tired monsters.

It’s one of the best silk bind skills in the game. It’s a Great punish if you can master the monster movements.

That’s about it for hunting horns. You can use Perform, slide burst, combo 1 to create the opening.

Then Combo 2, Advanced combos, Earthshaker to max Dps.

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