Learn How to Farm Wasteland Mat Effectively – Ep7

In this brief guide, you will learn how to farm wasteland mat effectively to grow your spirit tree faster for EP7.  

Spirit tree is your new EP 7.0 aesir rune, which upgrades the wasteland mat you can obtain in the wasteland. You can get powerful buff & stat from it. 

First, you will need to max those upgrades; you must aim to get 500-2000 hourglasses per day via wasteland daily quest. 

Second, you have to max the drop rate upgrade to get more mat during grinding. Finally, max the Dmg UP/cooldown reduce/ignore DEF/ move speed upgrade. If you had trouble while grinding, you could prioritize those upgrades as well. 

Currently, SEA/Global has a wasteland spirit tree; soon, you will get a new expansion for it after a few months. 

You can get the spirit tree expansion after unlocking maple land (new update later). 

New spirit trees also need a wasteland mat to upgrade, so saving your extra mat for this update is recommended. 

You will need around 40 k extra ancient remains for a second spirit tree. So you can start saving it now.

New chaos breath will add together with the mapleland patch, which you need to upgrade the permanent stat. 

You need to save a lot of ancient remains for chaos breath in exchange for a permanent bonus stat. 

Also, the new spirit tree has a new EXP potion for exchange, which provides a 5m base & 1m job exp at a cheap rate. 

Now to get wasteland mat faster? 

First thing, you need to hit elite mobs to get the daily reward box. You can max 5 boxes per day that provide 200 + ancient remains and 20+ dust.  

You will get a rare quest item while grinding at the wasteland; triggering the quest will give you 10 + dust or 2+ maple agate. 

When grinding at the wasteland, it is recommended to avoid the dangerous area (black star) or bring ressu pet (osiris/ mermaid). 

Recommended job grind at wasteland (with spirit tree buff) 

top tier – ranger = split atk + 300 move speed + max ASPD 

T1 – shadow wave priest/low lvl MS or CL warlock/ hell plant gene

T2 – GX/Doram/SC

T3 – Close – Range Job  

Another trick was opening a treasure chest at wasteland; you can use hawkeyes from spirit trees to locate them. The treasure chest resets daily at 6 am & 6 pm. You can share/ find their location through social media or by walking around at wasteland.  

Treasure box rarity appeared randomly, which reset at 6 am/6 pm. Here is the location of the treasure map (random). Memorize the spot so you can save your mat from crafting hawkeyes. 

Farming elite also gives you a lot of dust and maple agate. You can hunt down most elites with orc baby taunt pets. 

Some elite mob didn’t have HP shield, which can be 1-hit-kill. Or hit and repeat until it died, or lure the elite mob to the crowded area, ask your other player for help. But you have to share the loot.

Having an alt char helps to switch channels to the quick searching elite mob for each channel. 

The easiest to bully and lone elite (no one nearby) were those.

Elite mandorago seed was easy to bully when no other player was around. Bring orc baby pet with you, hit and away 1 time, ensure your pet taunts it. Then it won’t cast hex anymore.   

Shield skills such as doram tuna party/ arch mage’s flame guard can nullify damage & status ailment attacks. (eddga fear/ stun etc)

The next tips are about finding the elite golem.

Firstly, you need to unlock (elite hunting blueprint) from the elite mob and kill all the elite on the map until you can’t use this item. 

The item will tell you no more elite mob on this map. 

After that, go to the weather facility at the bottom. Change the weather to the sandstorm, and then use the elite hunting item immediately teleport to the elite golem. 

One last trick, you can use (magic key blueprint) drop from elite. It can open the (special gate facility) at the wasteland. 

You can summon 3 elite mobs from the (magic gate), and the gated facility will repeat after 6 hours. 

(gate facility) spawn at a random location, but you can easily locate it by looking for the 4th facility icon on the map. 

You can also use alt char changing channel tricks to quickly farm down elite mobs, especially at midnight/ early morning. 

Here is how it works.

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