Tips And Tricks To Become a Pro Cop in Roblox Jailbreak

This guide will provide you with tips and tricks to become a pro cop in Roblox Jailbreak. 

Table of Contents

    Step 1:

    For this glitch, you have to get any helicopter of your choice. It is highly suggested to use the military helicopter since it works better.

    Step 2:

    Once you get your chosen helicopter, you have to head over to the jewelry store robbery and make sure it’s being robbed.

    Step 3:

    Once you are at the jewelry store, you will need to go to the 2nd top roof of the building. After that, exit the chosen helicopter next, enter one of the passenger seats and use the rope.

    And just like that, you can manage the glitch inside the robbery, which you cannot normally do.

    Step 4:

    You are free to stay in the Jewelry store and arrest the criminal.


    The Revolver costs 10,000 in-game cash, which does 25 damage per hit, and is a one-bullet shooter.

    The Forcefield launched is a weapon that allows you to heal. It requires level 3 in the season, and then it costs 30,000$.

    When in the forcefield, no bullet can bypass it, only the plasma pistol, which isn’t that good IMO.

    The Smoke Grenade is a 1200$ priced item per box, and the maximum total is 3 equipped.

    The SmokeGrenade blurs the screen of all players. It is an awesome item for getaways and bank busts.


    Glider Bank Bust

    The Glider bank bust trick is a very helpful trick that allows you to almost bank bust someone every Time. This Trick requires the Glider, which is located in the mini-town.

    Once you get yourself the free Glider, head over to the bank robbery and make sure it’s being robbed.

    Once you are at the bank robbery, head inside, activate your glider, and make your way inside the vault-like. Like that, you can manage to bust someone very easily without dying.

    This trick is very useful in servers where players have high bounties since they are almost unable to kill them.


    The best vehicles for the police team are the drone, military helicopter, roadster, and Bugatti Eclair. It is suggested to use land vehicles.

    The fast land vehicles are better because you can pit maneuver the criminal team, making the criminal unable to drive for ruffly 5 Seconds. Buying the Fastest obtainable vehicles can be very useful when chasing since you can pit maneuver them. When Pit maneuvering, you want to make sure you have a faster vehicle than the criminal, then slow down a bit, reducing the knock book.

    Glider Escape

    When at low health and water, you have to hold your glider or swat shield, and you quickly will notice that you will be swimming very fast. It is an excellent escape when at high risk.

    Now, you are free to heal in your forcefield; this is an Excellent Glitch when the underwater bank is being Robbed.

    The JetPack

    The Jetpack is located near the power plant on top of the hill and costs 50,000$. For those who don’t have it, as a cop, you always want to make sure to have the jetpack equipped as it is really good for getaways and following.

    It has a 15-second refill, which is free. However, if you want to fly faster and higher, you might try buying the 25 Robux refills (a multiple-time purchase). In Addition, if a Criminal also has a jetpack and flies away, you can catch up to them and arrest the player.

    It can make you fly almost anywhere and is helpful and functional on both teams. Many players have forgotten that cops can rob passenger train and cargo ships which can give police money when saving the robbery. When doing this trick, the passenger almost gives the same amount as a criminal which is pretty decent (3000$). It is suggested to swap teams when the cargo ship spawns since you can only rob it twice, and it gives you about 600$; this is very good to make a decent amount of cash while you wait for criminals to Rob Robberies.

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