MH Rise Switch Axe Guide

In MH Rise, Switch Axe is one of the hardest weapons to master. This guide will provide you with all the details about Switch Axe.

Brainless Zero Sum Discharge is no longer viable. Switch Axe mastery requires surgical precision and godly iframe.

Now Let’s start from the very basics. 

Basic Combo From Sheathe: LS(Front)+ZR-> (A->X)*N.

Lets see it again: LS(Front)+ZR-> (A->X)*N. MOre Time: LS(Front)+ZR-> (A->X)*N.

This combo is used to create openings.

To follow up Option #1: LS(Any direction)+B. It will grant a short iframe and reposition.

Option#2: Directional Ls (Front)+ZR. It will switch you back to axe mode for mobility.

Option#3: A->X If the monster is downed or stationary.

You will need a switch gauge to perform this combo.

You will be forced back to axe mode when it runs out.

In MH Rise, Switch Charger is introduced. Switch Charger can be used by pressing ZR+A. You can use it to insta Reload switch gauge and reposition.

Now let’s have a look at Invincible Gambit. Invincible Gambit can be used by pressing  Zl+X.

It is your Go-to Gap Closer With Hyper Armor. It generously provides knockback/Flinch Immunity.

Perfect for Roaring Dodging but you will still take DMG during its animation. So try it wisely as a punish or gap closer. 

Next, Your Axe Mode Basic Combo: A->A->A->X.

Lets see it again. A->A->A->X.

One More Time: A->A->A->X. It’s used for Downed Monster due to long animation.

Finish this combo grants you maximum potency.

When Phial Gauge Glows Green, you can deal Extra Phial Dmg. In addition, you can perform Zsd by Pressing X+A.

You have Hyper armor during Zsd, use it carefully. Now you have learned the basic Combos.

Let’s look at advanced combos. ZR->A->X->LS(Front)+ZL->A->A->A->X. You can use this combo is you created an opening with ZB->A->X.


Last time: ZR->A->X->LS(Front)+ZL->A-?A->A->X.

And our Good Old ZSD: A->A->A->X+A->X*N.

Lastly, there are a few less-used combos. In the Axe mode, you can use X+A->X for anti-air.

In axe Mode: A->LS(Front)+ZL. This is a very hard-hitting combo that advances you.

In sword Mode: A->LS(Back)+ZL. This combo allows you to step back a little.

Both Combos are great for positioning but you can use them to your own discretion due to long animation.

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