Oneblock Extreme Mod – How to Download and Install in Minecraft

In this guide, you will find the step-by-step instructions to download and install the Oneblock Extreme 1.19 mod in Minecraft.

OneBlock Extreme 1.19 mod brings a very enjoyable custom world into the game which tests your skills and talents in surviving. It also features new craftable methods, and custom mobs.

You will need to follow the instructions below to download and install the Oneblock Extreme 1.19 mod in Minecraft version 1.19.

1. To download Oneblock Extreme 1.19, you will need to open the following link, scroll down to Recent Files and download the top 1.19 files.

Download Oneblock Extreme

2. After that, press Window+R, type %appdata% and hit OK to save the downloaded file in Minecraft.

3. Then you have to open the .minecraft folder by double-clicking on it.

4. And navigate to the saves folder.

5. Now you need to unzip the downloaded file and drag Oneblock Extreme 1.19 in the saves folder.

6. After that, launch the Minecraft game to check Oneblock Extreme 1.19 file.

7. Select Latest Release and tap on the Play button.

8. Then you have to click on Single player.

9. Oneblock Extreme 1.19 file is successfully added in your Minecraft. Select Oneblock Extreme 1.19 and then tap on Create Nnew World.

10. After that, click on “I know what I’m doing!”

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