Ramps Review

The best puzzle games on the iPhone are both simplistic and original. Ramps has those bases covered, plus it adds a layer of polish that makes it nearly irresistible.

The goal is to place and rotate platforms around the level so that a ball lands into a cup. Once things are in place you tap the “Go” chute and watch as your ball rolls through the level. This simple idea is expanded upon with snowball-throwing penguins, gravity wells, and water-spouting whales.

Ramps includes 100 levels split across two worlds. These can be blown through pretty easily, although some replay value is offered by level-specific challenges. Instead of the usual score-related star system, you get three challenges per level, ranging from getting a gold coin to not touching any penguins. Plus, completing each world unlocks three skins for the ball.

Ramps’ physics are playable although certainly not perfect. For some reason we were able to get multiple outcomes using the exact same ramp placement– sometimes this margin of error was the difference between completing the level and not. This makes getting “complete the level on your first try” challenges a pain.

High scores for both worlds and achievements are available through Game Center. We have to commend the developers for adding this feature considering that many puzzle games leave it out.

If you enjoy puzzle games we see little reason why you shouldn’t buy Ramps. It’s simple, creative and– most importantly– fun.

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