Puzzle games are very different from other games; their complexities vary from simple to super complex. A great puzzle game can keep you entertained for many hours, there are thousands of puzzle games on IOS, sometimes it can get difficult to select the best possible game to play, that is why we have curated a list of top underrated puzzle games to play. 

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Fifteen Gem PuzzleiOSFree
Dungeon Sweeper MobileiOSFree
Fit the Pictures – Relaxing Picture puzzle gamesiOSFree
ChibbleMatch: Puzzle GameiOSFree
Squeezing Thumbs – exercise the strength and coordination of your thumbsiOSFree
Connect ColorsiOSFree
Next PieceiOSFree
Quick Brain – Math riddlesiOSFree
Epic Word Search PuzzlesiOSFree
Cubes InnopiaiOSFree
Arabic Play and LearniOSFree
Coin Craze – Real PrizesiOSFree
Amazing 2048iOSFree
Gold MonkeyiOSFree
Artefactis: Magik PuzzlesiOSFree
ZooM Pics & WordiOSFree
Labyrinth HardiOSFree
Shipwrecked ShamblesiOSFree
Mexican Train DominoesiOSFree
Rose GardensiOSFree
Amazing Bubble Pop BreakeriOSFree
Logik Ball 3 – TotaliOSFree
Photo JigSaw Puzzle Free VersioniOSFree

Fifteen Gem Puzzle

A fun spin off classics like 15-Puzzle or Mystic Square, ‘Fifteen Gem Puzzle’ combines the fun of putting misplaced numbers back into their place with the satisfaction of watching an image come to life. Play with numbers on or off and use photos included in the app or load your own. However you choose to get puzzled, keep your move count down to be a champion.


A simple, casual math game where you add up Digits to the target number. The more Digits you use the more points you get. But watch out! If you go over the target you lose points.

Dungeon Sweeper Mobile

Dungeon Sweeper adds depth and complexity to Minesweeper gameplay, while making it easier and more accessible to learn, but just as challenging to master. The scoring system rewards perfect play, while HP and Leveling mechanics help you learn and allow for mistakes.


Balls move in unison, often forcing an undesired outcome. It may be useful to think about how to separate them. Some levels require manipulating the balls in unconventional way. Keep experimenting and think outside the box.

Fit the Pictures – Relaxing Picture puzzle games

“Fit the Pictures” is a simple jigsaw puzzle game. Each jigsaw puzzle starts with 60-70% completed pictures so you only need to fit missing pieces to complete each jigsaw puzzle.


An addictive multistep thinking game from MIND Research Institute’s math curriculum featuring JiJi™ the penguin. The goal is to position lasers and mirrors to knock all balls out of the penguin’s path. The puzzles start off easy, but get progressively more challenging as you move through the seven intriguing levels.

ChibbleMatch: Puzzle Game

A mind bending puzzle game. Match the cute little Chibbles to the pattern and let them escape. 500 levels of fun.

Squeezing Thumbs – exercise the strength and coordination of your thumbs

The principle of the game is simple – but your sensitivity is demanded everything. Feel the revolutionary experience of 3D Touch while you’re using your strength smartly. Squeeze your thumbs until you activate the rings balance your strength and earn points. Exercise your coordination.

Connect Colors

Studies have found that the left brain hemisphere is tied with the language and the right brain is tied with perception(color), our brains mostly function subconsciously and it is actually impossible to not read the word and perceive the color of it instead, once you’ve learnt the language (called the Stroop Effect). The game is entertaining and also is a really good challenge to your brain power.

Next Piece

Start slow, or very fast, and build your strategy to earn a High Score. The challenge is in its simplicity. Enjoy!

Quick Brain – Math riddles

Brain games is based on principles of cognitive psychology to help you practice different mental skill: memory, attention, speed, reaction, concentration, logic and more. Train Multiplication table easily! Cool math Games is a brain-training, where logic & thinking & math meet fun ,enjoyment, amusement and lighthearted pleasure. In our Cool math Games App We will See How To play together.


In 2057, it was decided to accelerate the global project “Life Code” for the decoding of the genome of all organisms. You will go to the Darwin Museum for collecting DNA samples and adventure and discovery await you there.


Place numbered blocks in 1010 style, while making sure the numbers comply with Sudoku rules. The screen shows a Sudoku grid with below that three blocks of numbers. The blocks can have different shapes. Blocks can be rotated by double-tapping, so there are many possibilities to fill the Sudoku grid.

Cubes Innopia

And that’s it! That is what “Cubes” is all about. This game will test your logic and spatial vision by introducing new challenges to each level. Will you be able to complete them all?

Arabic Play and Learn

Listen to the word in Arabic while viewing its English translation; then assemble the letters to form the Arabic word. Real-time statistics and visual indicators of accomplishment.

Coin Craze – Real Prizes

Join the Skillz community to compete worldwide and make your mark on the global leaderboards. Play head-to-head games and large multiplayer tournaments for virtual currency or MAJOR CASH PRIZES! All players in a match receive the same board, and the player with the highest score wins. Create a Skillz account to save your progress and access your profile from dozens of Skillz-enabled games!

Amazing 2048

Standing out from other similar games in the market, Amazing 2048 is a very easy-to-play and relaxing game! Just swipe your screen UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT to merge numbers and get the highest score.

Gold Monkey

Jump into this simple game to help the little monkey clear the screen of numbers. Just click on a number near the monkey to go that many spaces. He leaves bananas where he goes and he can’t run into them again or fall off the edge (and survive it). Gold Monkey is fun and addictive for all ages that can count.


This game is a bit different from regular one-stroke writing. Create your own route with your imagination. More than 400 stages. There is a plan to add more difficult stages!!


Welcome to Windin, a casual puzzle game that will tickle your brain with its brand new wind mechanic. Plan your move, place your gems on the board, let the wind blow and reap the rewards of your clever play!

Artefactis: Magik Puzzles

Discover a new gameplay in a fun and addictive strategy game. Already more than 1000 levels! This new genre is a mix of chess, match3 and a non-square grid: the result is a “match group”. Strategy and reflection are at the heart of the gameplay, you can move the pieces as you see fit. Finished the limitations of match3 that require you to play only at certain places.

Epic Word Search Puzzles

English Word Game is a free to play offline game. Ideal for kids and people who want to practice a new language, vocabulary and train their brain.

ZooM Pics & Word

A simple but addictive game of reflection and letters. An image has been zoomed you must guess what it represents. To help you you can use clues

Labyrinth Hard

Swipe ball through the maze managing via the tilting device. Several levels of difficulty, from the most simple to the very hard. And remember – There is always a way out!!!


Just tap on the letters to collect the word from your mind or from the words predictions scrolling underneath, adapt your mind with high reflective interactions against the time!

Shipwrecked Shambles

Shipwrecked Shambles is a puzzle game about a pirates’ team with bad karma. They have good ship and crew of true sea dogs. They are ready for adventures and hungry for rewards. But unfortunately every time when they leave harbor something goes wrong. Either young shipboy slept on his post and did not noticed coral reefs, or crazy storm appeared out of nowhere. Or giant kraken decides to wake up exactly at the moment when the ship was over him. Anyway just the terrain disappears over the horizon they are shipwrecked because of new cause. Now sea dogs’ team have to think not about adventures but how to save their lives.

Mexican Train Dominoes

The ultimate domino game! Mexican Train Dominoes is fun and challenging. Win the gold and become a domino train master by scoring the fewest points possible against three opponents. You will have hours of addictive fun with these dominos.

Rose Gardens

This is one of the newest match-3 construction game that is popular category. You can build beautiful rose gardens. The rule is very simple. But once you play, you may have difficulty in quitting this interesting game!

Amazing Bubble Pop Breaker

Are you looking for a challenge? Great! Amazing Bubble Breaker, except the easy mode, has a medium and hard mode for anyone who wants to test their skills. Four amazing bubble themes and two great backgrounds with wonderful animations. Compare your score with other people thanks to online players ranking.

Logik Ball 3 – Total

Test your logic skills with Logik Ball Total. Navigate the grid to add, subtract, multiply and divide your ball’s value until it equals the Target Total value.

Photo JigSaw Puzzle Free Version

Photo JigSaw Puzzles is a game that takes a photo and makes it into a 12 piece JigSaw puzzle. The Free Version comes with sample photo, but the upgrade will enable you unlimited choice of photos from your iPad, iPhone and/or iTouch. You choose photos from your device and are able to size, crop and fit the portion of the photo that you want in the puzzle.

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