Rise of Humanity – Controls Guide

In Rise of Humanity, you’re the leader of a team of revolutionaries fighting for the freedom of humanity from an AI-controlled world. You’ll use your strategies and cards to defeat waves of enemies and claim control of key strongholds to help your cause.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play RimWorld.

Move UpWPress W to Move Up
Move DownSPress S to Move Down
Move LeftAPress A to Move Left
Move RightDPress D to Move Right
Rotate LeftQPress Q to Rotate Left
Rotate RightEPress E to Rotate Right
ZoomZPress Z to Zoom
Switch Character 1Numpad 1Press Numpad 1 to Switch Character 1
Switch Character 2Numpad 2Press Numpad 2 to Switch Character 2
Switch Character 3Numpad 3Press Numpad 3 to Switch Character 3
Switch Character 4Numpad 4Press Numpad 4 to Switch Character 4
Switch Character 5Numpad 5Press Numpad 5 to Switch Character 5
Switch Character 6Numpad 6Press Numpad 6 to Switch Character 6
Switch Character 7Numpad 7Press Numpad 7 to Switch Character 7
Switch Character 8Numpad 8Press Numpad 8 to Switch Character 8
Switch Character 9Numpad 9Press Numpad 9 to Switch Character 9
Select Card 11Press 1 to Select Card 1
Select Card 22Press 2 to Select Card 2
Select Card 33Press 3 to Select Card 3
Select Card 44Press 4 to Select Card 4
Select Card 55Press 5 to Select Card 5
Select Card 66Press 6 to Select Card 6
Select Card 77Press 7 to Select Card 7
Select Card 88Press 8 to Select Card 8
Select Card 99Press 9 to Select Card 9
Play Card 11 (Double Tap)Press 1 (Double Tap) to Play Card 1
Play Card 22 (Double Tap)Press 2 (Double Tap) to Play Card 2
Play Card 33 (Double Tap)Press 3 (Double Tap) to Play Card 3
Play Card 44 (Double Tap)Press 4 (Double Tap) to Play Card 4
Play Card 55 (Double Tap)Press 5 (Double Tap) to Play Card 5
Play Card 66 (Double Tap)Press 6 (Double Tap) to Play Card 6
Play Card 77 (Double Tap)Press 7 (Double Tap) to Play Card 7
Play Card 88 (Double Tap)Press 8 (Double Tap) to Play Card 8
Play Card 99 (Double Tap)Press 9 (Double Tap) to Play Card 9
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