Skyrim: Unique Character Builds

Building your desired character is an initial and important part of the game. At the earliest, you will have to make a decision about what sort of mage you would like to play with. You must go for a good choice but there are certain builds in the game that give the character exceptional skills and abilities and make them viable for any level of the game. It is important to convey you that not all the characters in the Skyrim have identical abilities and some may be more adept and proficient with their moves. But that doesn’t make any difference what so ever because in the first couple of hours of the game play, you can enhance your skills up to the top level. It is recommended that you should never choose a character just because he has a higher level of skills than the other character. You will be able to build your desired character in no time.

Well, here I am, making this character build guide that will enable you to design the most viable character for dealing with high levels of difficulty. The game would have finally found its place in your shelves and we are well aware of the fact that you must be contemplating on how to build a unique character. Given below are some characters builds that will be described in detail.

Before proceeding any further, you will have to decide between two choices. One is to play as a generalist and the other is to become a specialized character.

  • Now if you want to play as a generalist, you will have to spend money in every department of your choice. In this way you will have something of almost everything.
  • If you wish to play with a specialized character you will have to narrow down your investment to certain departments and you will have to focus more on role play.

It’s better to play with a specialized character as it will enable you to form the character of your own choice. This will add more flavour and fun to the game!

Hermaeus Mora

Hermaeus Mora is also known as the” demon of knowledge”. Mora is straightforward prince who possesses both beneficial and destructive knowledge. He has plethora of books and he likes to finish one every day, just to acquire knowledge. All those people who are taught by him end up being his servants. This prince usually gets his point across aggressively.

In the right hand, Mora holds a staff and in his left hand he carries either a dispel “telekinesis” (the ability to move objects using mind power) or a flush bell.

Books, in a peculiar way, are connected with this build. The concept of books in the game would impel you to have a different standpoint about the books as Mora usually drops books from the endless inventory. While dropping the book Mora has to say “knowledge” at the top of his voice in order to destroy the enemies. He usually does it by throwing the skill books and casting spells on the rivals. His two common magic are soul trap and chain lightning spell. This build has immense fondness for books and he is an avid reader.

All this build is wearing is an arch mage robes and boots. Mora has an armor that he uses for self-defense.

Modded Void Magic Assassin of Sithi

This build is also known as “The Void Corrupter”. Void is a perfect blend of a mage and an assassin. The build is based on the concept “apocalypse”. Magic Assassin usually makes use of a single mode but he can make an exception too. He at time uses the “vampire lord script spell” and “human from X boy”. Moreover, this build is not ideal to play at the legendary difficulty level.

Assassin is a well-known figure in Skyrim who doesn’t have a physical form or entity. Simply put, he is void which means nothing. So this just makes him a vacuum or emptiness.

Now you will be thinking that why he doesn’t possess a physical existence. Well, we are here to alleviate your concerns and we really love doing it! Let us give you the concept behind this built. Assassin doesn’t have a physical existence because that’s the way God created him. God didn’t want the entire world to be filled with physical entities. That’s the main reason why he abhors the entire mankind. Also for this reason the” Dark Brotherhood” worships this deity. It’s important to mention that dark brotherhood is not the only organization that worships this build. There are some others too like, “Crimson Scars” which is basically the full-fledged vampire version of the dark brotherhood and shadow skills which is an Argonian group of assassins. Due to his hatred for mankind, this build is detested by a vast majority except those who fall in his kingdom. Some of the Argonians firmly believe that he is the sole creator of the universe. He has got magical spells which he uses efficiently to send the souls to void and even bringing them back to the void. This magic that he used is called “void magic”. This build uses another kind of magic known as “evil twin”. It’s basically a concentration spell that creates a replica of your enemy. The third spell that this build uses is “seid stone”. It’s a sort of magical spell that creates a field which manifests the illusions of dead souls. However, the only spell that it doesn’t use is conjuration.

This build wears the dark brotherhood’s outfit. The only reason why this build uses this outfit is the muscle effect on the boots.

That’s all about the Assassin. Let’s take you to the next character

Modded Water and Wind Elementalist of Kynareth

He is also known as the “Hurricane Mage”. This build is a pure mage build that has the power to cast many heavy magical spells. Mage can be used to play in legendary difficulty. One of this magic is elemental destruction that is catastrophic for the enemies. The three elements of destruction are earth, water and wind. Also this magic has a secondary effect that can’t be ignored. For instance, the water spells stop the enemies from regenerating magical stamina.

Let’s, now, talk about the foundation of this build.

The name Kynareth is derived from the word “kind” and that’s the reason why you hear the word kind shouted quite frequently in the game. However, this shout is not of great significance and is rarely used to overwhelm the enemies. Shouting “kind peace” will make all the animals to calm down within a certain range. It can be said that Kynareth has the ability to exercise influence on the nature. Moreover, her magic spells are not just confined to animals and they can even calm down the elements of nature like fire, wind and water. You will encounter the enemies “Spriggans” that basically emanate from Kynareth. These enemies are brutal and aggressive and they will attack you for no reason. Spriggans are there to protect a sacred tree from being cut down. In other words, their aim is to protect and conserve nature.

Secondly, the rain is associated with Kynareth tears. It means that when it rains it’s just because Kynareth is crying. Why this happens is still a mystery.

The magical spells that she uses against her enemies include “rain cloak” “torrent” and “tidal wave”. Rain cloak has an extremely big radius and inflicts profound damage on the enemies. Similarly, the other two magical spells are used for the same purpose of damaging the enemies. It’s important to mention that these spells fail to exert a strong influence on the enemies as the enemies’ swing here and there making it difficult for Kynareth to wipe the battle field.

Tis build wears death build armor and it has a white and blue look that represent water and wind. He build can also that makes it easy to breathe in the water.

Bone lord of worms

This outright villain is ridiculously powerful. He is a selfish person who uses mankind for his own benefit. This build worships the God of worms and has a firm conviction that, one day, he will put all mankind to death. He lost his father in his infancy and considers himself insecure. Just to gain a feeling of security he keeps his dog with himself. However, due to adverse weather conditions in the woods, his pet dog passed away and he was left alone like God’s lonely man!

In the beginning, this build is pretty weak and needs a death guard to protect it from the enemies. The death guard is an enormous skeleton that usually uses a sword to blow his enemies from the battlefield. Later, he starts to learn black magic and when he has gained complete mastery over it, he started casting his “necromancy” magic that brought his dog back to life. But unfortunately, the dog fell in fire and turned into ashes. This put him in melancholy and he left the woods to learn another other kind of magic rumored spell also known as “death thrall” that would make his loved ones immortal. He also makes the use of ritual stone that enables him to resurrect multiple people.

Worm has got a powerful sword that easily wipes out his enemies.

The Cryomancer

He was born in the Northern lands and his past is shrouded with mystery. Rumors have it that Cryomancer was raised in wasteland by ice wraiths and whether you believe this story or not is up to you. The character is ruthless who is equipped with armor. He also wears a helmet that protects him and gives him a cool look. One great thing about Cryomancer is that he is invulnerable to cold because he wears a frost covering that keeps away from the impact of cold. He has got an icy spear and a blizzard when he is surrounded. Additionally, he cast such spells that freeze everyone that falls in his sphere of influence.

Tis build is less of a role playing build and more of a concept. This frosting champion is fun to play with and is one of my personal favorite.

The Daedra Priest

The Daedra Priest calls him the “Lord of domination”. The priest belongs to a family called “Dunmao” and lives in the mountains. There are certain creatures called dumbers that worship Daedra and rumors have it that they came into existence because of the Daedra Princess. The crux of this character is to immerse yourself and wipe away all the enemies.

The cosmedix of the characters are very pale. So it is advisable that you have a whitish skin tone, wide eyes white hair and you can even apply purple paint on your face just to match the robes. That would give you a cooler look!

The Daedra Priest uses daedric boots, daedric gauntlets and covers his body with robes.

He makes use of his magical spells “thunder bolt” and “conjuration” to intimidate his enemies.

The Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter as the name suggests hunt monsters. The story says that he was raised in priesthood in Hammerfell. This character wears an amulet around his neck. While living in the Priesthood, his land was invaded by monsters’ from the dessert. This made him feel infuriated and he decided to take the matter in his own hands. Monster has a variety of weapons and he doesn’t let go of any opportunity to add new weapons to his collection. This build adeptly uses his weapons to kill the monsters and protect the villagers from external threats.

In his adulthood, he gained maturity and realized that he could earn money by the services he offers. So, he set off to different towns to kill the monsters and earn living for himself.

He has got assorted weapons like a war axe and a sword which shows that he is willing to master the use of different weapons to be more efficient against his enemies.

The Druid

This character is called Druid because they are kelp priests who practice druidism. They are extremely mean creatures and the have a strong bonding and affiliation with their land. His mother was a skill who migrated from her tribe to Skyrim where she found a Nord- hunter and got into relationship with him and they both ultimately married each other. They had son who they named Druid. Druid’s father died with a chronic disease when he was still in his infancy. He continued living in a farm along with his mother. When Druid grew older, his mother also died away due to a chronic disease. His mother advised him to go to his native land and discover the ways of the dwellers living there.

The character uses destruction, alteration, alchemy and enchanting as his spells. Druid has complete compatibility with elements like water and wind and that brings him close to the nature. His master spell is flawless. Moreover, the build uses alteration not just for the purpose of protection, but for breathing in water and detecting life.

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