Strength Guide for Getting Strength Fast in One Punch Man

This guide will tell you how to get stronger and become a strong character in One Punch Man.  

You shall probably want to have a macro and an auto clicker for this. They are not against the rules, so why not use them. When you start, you want to be around level 100. 

You can do this using whatever way you want as long as you reach around 25 -100.

You can follow the leveling. You can do hammerhead or sea folks; it doesn’t matter at all. It should not take too long at all; at most, it’ll take like 30 minutes. 

When you are around 25 -100, you will be ready for the next step. 

You want to go ahead and put 50 of those points into stamina. 

Stamina is needed because you can see pressing “z” or punching uses stamina. 

Now as you have more stamina, get your macro and set to pressing “z”. Keep doing this till you have max agility. It’s 1 million, and also while doing this, you will get strength which you’ll have around 500k. 

You should have 500k strength after you get max agility. 

Now move to the next part:

Once you have 500k strength, you can start fighting bosses. The first boss you shall probably want to fight is Kabuto. The quest is located near the grass area.

Quickly before fighting him, you need to have a flying class for this. You have to enter the metal door when you reach this little area, as shown in the image below.

When you first come in, he will jump into the air. You have to avoid it by flying high up in the air.

Then pretty much from here, spawn your moves to damage him. 

It takes a long time, but it is worth it. It’ll take ages the first time, but you can make it spam your moves if you have a macro. Just honestly doing it till he’s dead may take up to 20 minutes. Since Kabuto is dead, you want to just find another boss. You have to come over to grab the mosquito girl quest. 

She spawns right over here where the red arrow is pointing. 

It doesn’t matter, hope you kill him but try out to kill him. With the help of esper, it just flies up and spams your moves. It will somewhat work.

Anyways, now that the mosquito girl is dead, you need to check if Kabuto respawned. If he hasn’t spawned yet, you have to do the next boss, which is Phoenix. A lot of people don’t realize this is even a boss half the time.

However, Phoenix spawns in volcano-like areas. Most people don’t want to fight their boss because of how annoying it is to fight. But with esper or a long-range class, just don’t touch the lava.

If your esper spawn, you have to press e and c till it is dead. It’s honestly a pain to fight, but if mosquito girl has not spawned or Kabuto, you have to fight it. Anyways, you need to do those three bosses till 1 million strength. Yes, it will take a long time, but it is quite worth it because it is more often fun.

Now the next part:

When you reach 1 million strength, you should fight Gouketsu. It takes ages but the reward here is even worth it. Goketsu is probably easier to do than the other boss. Just get somewhere high and damaged. Since he just hit the ground, she can’t even hit you at all. 

But for non-esper users, you can go far range like every other boss. When Gouketsu is dead, you can do Kabuto again while you wait. You are going to want a VIP server for doing this. Anyways keep grinding Gouketsu/Kabuto until you have 2.5 million strength. It takes like a few hours, but with macro, it’s not that hard. Also, when you are not grinding, you should always leave an auto clicker or macro on because having those on will speed up quite a bit, so it’s good.

Move on to the next part: 

Now you have 2.5 million strength; you can do Boros. He spawns right across the area. But since you are stronger now, you can probably far range with ninja.

You will need to aim your mouse at Boros and spam your long-range moves at him. 

Like always, if it takes too long for a solo, leave a macro on and come back later. And if possible, you can get a team to do Boros. Also, you should do some Gouketsu while waiting for Boros respawn. Just keep grinding these two bosses till you have around 10 million strength.

Now onwards to the next part:

Now you have ten million strength; you can start the next two bosses. And of course, the next two bosses are none other than Chartacnko/ Psykos. You should only do far range on these bosses because they hit hard, to be honest. It is recommended to use the esper/dark-esper/phoenix class. 

Ninja could work fine; it’s just a little harder to hit some of its moves, and honestly, those bosses are annoying. Mostly because you need to fight them till you have 150 million strength. It’s going to take a heck of a long time. Both bosses are about the same, stay far away and hit them. 

Getting this far is a mass pain, and if you did get far, that’s amazing! Anyways, you will want to start fighting at around this strength. How he works is that the stronger that you are, the more exp/str you get.

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