Super Stylist — Pixel Puzzle

This guide will tell you how to play the Super Stylist Pixel Puzzle game. You will come to know which are the blocks to paint and which of them you will need to leave in 5*5 grid. This guide will also tell you the importance of X marks.

Let’s start with the single number of the highest values.

In this case, it’s 4.

Why? because it is bigger than half of the height distance which is 5. (this is a 5×5 grid).

Then, let’s do 4 counts (going down).

And paint this block here.

Again, let’s do 4 counts (this time, going up).

And paint this block here.

Note that 5 X marks appeared.

It is an indication that the required blocks to be painted in this row are finally complete. Clearly, the X marks saved time in identifying the blocks we don’t need to paint. Next, let’s fill whatever is in between the painted blocks. There shouldn’t be any gap since it is a single number we are trying to paint.

Now, since there is only one vacant slot available in this column, we are certain that it is the last block to be painted.

Next, let’s try to paint the blocks in this row since there’s already a hint revealed.

Remember that there shouldn’t be a space or gap when you paint a single number block. So you only have to paint the remaining 2 blocks located on each side of the one that’s already painted.

Something applies here.

And here too.

Finally, this row presents two single numbers (2 and 2).

As shown, there are two groups of vacant slots available separated by an X-marked slot.

Now, the only thing left to do is to paint all those remaining boxes.

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