Thief Simulator Console Commands (Cheat Codes)

Thief Simulator game was originally released in 2018 and it has now millions of players around the globe. Thief Simulator game is set in an open world and the players will follow a complete story of a thief. The game mechanics are very good that covers full detail and all the aspects of thievery, lock picking, casing a house and much more. This really adds to the replay element of the game and the players really become addicted to the game story. Thief Simulator is really the best thief simulator of all time. 

The cheat codes are specially designed to let you reach the higher stages of the game. You can use the console commands to alter the time or reward the thief with XP, money or much more. Bring the console up by pressing “~”. This will display a command line that will appear in the upper left corner of the screen: Enter the code and then hit the “Enter” button key to execute the console commands.

Thief Simulator Console Commands

thieftoolsThis console command is used to add full set of tools to the thief's inventory.
solazyIf you want to skip objectives in the story mission, then you can use this console command.
noontimeThis code will change the time of the day to 12:00 pm.
nighttimeThis cheat code is used to change the time of day to 12:00 am.
iknowallYou can learn the tenant routines from every lot in the neighborhood by using this console command.
humanAfter using the ghost command, this is the command that will make the thief visible again.
ghostThis console command will make the thief invisible.
freeexpThe thief will get 500000 xp after using this console command.
freemoneyThis code will add 900,000 to the thief's funds.
eveningtimeYou can change the time of day to 6:00 PM with the help of this command.
daytimeThis command is used to change the time of day to 8:00 AM.
clearachYou can remove your steam achievements by executing this console command.
allskillsThis console command will unlock all of the skills on the skill tree.
2starYou can change the police star alert to level 2 with the help of this command.
1starIf you want to change the police star alert to level 1, you can execute this command.

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