Top Android Games to Tryout in January 2023

Various kinds of android games are released every month on the Google play store, covering all genres like RPG, action, simulation, racing, and more. We have a list of the best games released in January 2022. You can download any of them according to your liking and have a go.

Game Name Platform Link
Squid Game PlayStore
Mobility Era Game PlayStore
Quit Game – Survival 456 PlayStore
Mr. Quiz – Learn To Earn PlayStore
Money Heist PlayStore
Landmark Quiz: Play & Learn PlayStore
Tower Defender – Turret Gunner PlayStore
Pirate Desk PlayStore
Fire Balls – Shoot Ball 3D PlayStore
Holo: Color Ball PlayStore
Mountain Search PlayStore
Color Shot 2D Game PlayStore
Cờ Gánh Online PlayStore
Monster Garden PlayStore
Revolution Chess PlayStore
Hangman Senior USA PlayStore
BD Plane PlayStore
Manush PlayStore
Eternal Love PlayStore
FlyBoard Race PlayStore
Arkanoid Space PlayStore
Jogo da Memória PlayStore
Nebula Crash – Lost in Space PlayStore
Carrom Board 2D PlayStore
Just Move and Park PlayStore
Backpacker Hype PlayStore

Squid Game

Squid Game is survival shooting games based on Red Light, Green Light. Begin your survival adventure with the unlimited levels and endless gameplay.

Mobility Era Game

Awesome game on life, happiness, finance and taxes that equips anyone for adult life. It starts at 11 years old and ends at 99. As you go through life, you work in (41 European) countries, deal with different real life situations, invest in health, pay taxes and collect happiness. The happiest player wins the game!

Quit Game – Survival 456

Quit Game – Survival 456 is survival shooting games based on Red Light, Green Light. Begin your survival adventure with the unlimited levels and endless gameplay.

Mr. Quiz – Learn To Earn

Want to earn real cash – Play real trivia game Mr. Quiz and win cash through PayPal and PayTm.

Money Heist

It’s time to heist the city!! In Money Heist, you are in the role of an amateur robber, a cute funny looking guy who is starting a new career as a thief. After a while becomes a gang lord and leads the biggest squad to conquer the city.

Landmark Quiz: Play & Learn

Landmark Quiz helps you learn about landmarks in a unique way, combining learning and playing. It introduces the most famous 100 cultural and natural sites in the world with 900+ questions in 90+ levels, including Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Great Wall of China, Sagrada Família, Sydney Opera House, Giza Pyramid Complex, Stonehenge, Taj Mahal, Christ the Redeemer, Burj Khalifa, Mount Everest, Machu Picchu, Mount Fuji, Neuschwanstein Castle, The Shard, Petra and many more.

Tower Defender – Turret Gunner

Tower Defender – Turret Gunner is a fun game for everyone to play and enjoy! If you are a fan of Idle Tower Defense Games or Idle Turret games, then you might enjoy this Action Tower Defense game big time.

Pirate Desk

Offline 3D action war game in Caribbean 3d open world with pirates and single player campaign. Help poor pirate from wrecked ship to find his lost treasure. Epic pirate adventure in the pirates islands, pirate characters, and warships in sea created in low poly 3D art style.

Fire Balls – Shoot Ball 3D

Fire Balls – Shoot Ball 3D Tower Stack game is is a fun hyper casual game for everyone to play and enjoy anytime!

Holo: Color Ball

Get randomly spawned balls into the correct circle and score higher.

Mountain Search

Adventure through the island mountains, walk through its valleys and forests, swim in it’s lakes or ocean, walk on it’s sunny beaches, find clues and solve puzzles along the way to help you get back home.

Color Shot 2D Game

Color Shot is a simple arcade game that anyone can enjoy! Tap or click on the screen to shoot the bullets into the next obstacle. Shot, until the obstacle counter reaches zero.

Cờ Gánh Online

Co Ganh, Co Ganh Online, also known as Chem chess, is a very popular Vietnamese folk game and also the childhood of many generations.

Monster Garden

Grow plants that spawn blueberry monsters. Build bridges to make your way to the finish line. Encounter enemy armies and convert them to your clan!

Revolution Chess

There is a secret game within the realm of Chess. The same pieces and board but the setup starts in the corner of the board. This arrangement gives the King has ultimate defense and the pawns maximum offense.

Hangman Senior USA

Offline Games are great if you want to play anytime anywhere. Hangman is a classic memorable game. Perfect for learning vocabulary and having fun while workout out your brain.

BD Plane

This is a wifi-based RC plane’s remote control. Users can control the RC Plane using this Remote.


Manush is a loop game. Manush is a man who runs and evolves from Cave-Man (Adimanav) to Gentleman. In this game, the evolvement will switch according to the characters. To play this game you only have to jump and cross the obstacles and make your own high score. You have to survive in this game by eating fruits and dodging.

Eternal Love

Eternal love shooter fun 2d Game Shoot all baloon of love to get your highest score. You can play single player or local multiplayer together with your friends. Highest score will be the winner of this game !

FlyBoard Race

Collect tubes to go faster and higher. Race with others and see the finish line first.

Arkanoid Space

Play with ball breaking level with other users

Jogo da Memória

The memory game is a classic game made up of pieces that feature a figure on one side. If the figures are the same, the participant must collect this pair with him and play again. If they are different pieces, they must be turned again, and the turn given to the next participant.

Nebula Crash – Lost in Space

Nebula Crash: Lost in Space is an endless space arcade game where your goal is to survive in the space frontier. Control your spaceship in the galaxy and dodge many celestial bodies: planets, asteroids, black holes, pulsars and much more! But be careful to alien shooter, space invaders and attracting objects.

Carrom Board 2D

This is a board game that you can easy play with friends. you can download and install your android and enjoy.

Just Move and Park

The premise is simple as the title says, learn to drive control your vehicle go around the city and find the point to park.

Backpacker Hype

Take a walk around the globe and test your common knowledge in Backpacker Hype, a trivia game where every wrong answer gets you wet! Beat levels and collect souvenirs until your backpack is full to bursting!

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