Egg Incorporated (Inc). Guide, Tips & Tricks

Egg Inc. is another addition to the clicker games that have been introduced for IOS and Android. The game is quite simple yet exceedingly interesting. Once you get started, you will find it hard to take your eyes off the mobile screen. This game revolves around egging. You are a chicken farmer and you have to increase your egg value. On each and every tap, you will be sending the hens back to their abodes. There, these hens lay eggs and with every egg they lay, you will experience an increase in your cash. The cash that you amass can be used to possess more eggs, more chicken, and a large amount of cash.

That was just an introduction to help you progress well in the game. Read on for some tips and tricks to know about how you can build your egg fam. This will make the game far more captivating and enjoyable!

  • As I have mentioned earlier, tapping is the most effective and easy way to gather as many eggs as you can. Now, whether you tap on a large or a small area entirely rests with you. This all can be done by striking the blue button at the bottom of your screen. So what you do and how you do it is totally down to you and your way of progressing in the game.
  • You must build the hen houses in all 4 spots that are present on the farm. Also, you should keep on developing your farm in order to accommodate a maximum number of chickens. The amount of cash that you have fully depends on the number of eggs that you have in the hen houses.
  • Now, when eggs are abounding, you need vehicles to transport them to the desired places. Hire more of the vehicles so that you can transfer more and more eggs. This will directly help you increase your cash. Make sure to upgrade these vehicles at every opportunity that comes your way.
  • Now, if you see a drone flying above your farm, you can knock it down by simply tapping on it. This will enable you to acquire more cash. In case you get fortunate, you will get a golden egg that holds great value in egg.Inc.
  • It’s vital to watch the promo video boost. Watching these videos allows you to double your egg value. Moreover, it also enables you to reduce your progression time to half.
  • Golden eggs are of great importance. You have to accumulate these eggs by simply completing the mission, getting trophies, or laying hands on the drones. Also, there is another method to do it. You can have more of these golden eggs by upgrading your vehicles and habitats. This is another way to do it.
  • You can easily increase your output by clicking on the research button. It must be kept in mind that you will have to break the piggy bank in order to increase your upgrades.
  • The bunch of choices may leave you perplexed in the beginning. Your main objective is to increase your cash by having a large number of eggs in your possession. You can do this by providing the chickens with comfortable nests and adding nutritional elements to their diet. More cash will help you upgrade faster.

When you have collected sufficient eggs and you can’t go for further upgrades and move on to the next farm level, move on and prestige. Getting the soul eggs in abundance will enable you to move to the next farm level. Additionally, you can increase your soul egg value by finishing the missions and winning more and more trophies.

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