Top Underrated Adventure Games To Play

Adventure games are one of the most popular genres in games industry, especially young people love to play adventure games. Almost everyone knows about the most popular adventure games but there are some games that goes under the radar that is why we have curated this list for the underrated adventure games out there, these games are so good that they will keep you busy for rest of the year.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Nine Worlds AdventurePlaystoreFree
Drill 7Playstore$1.99
The Uncertain Playstore$4.99
Detective & PuzzlesPlaystoreFree
Run Jump 3DPlaystoreFree
POC GumPlaystore$2.99
Maze of the MummyPlaystore$0.99
Caapora AdventurePlaystore$0.99
Fin & Ancient MysteryPlaystoreFree
Spooky Forest EscapePlaystoreFree
Assassin In The CityPlaystoreFree
40,000 years in prisonPlaystore$0.99
The MomentPlaystore$2.49
OneBit AdventurePlaystoreFree
Hidden Objects: Coastal Hill MysteryPlaystoreFree
Survival World CraftPlaystoreFree
The StationPlaystore$1.99
Hero Panda BomberPlaystoreFree
Rainbow DiamondsPlaystore$1.99
Pixel CatPlaystore$0.99
Sift Heads – RebornPlaystoreFree
Wrapped in MysteryPlaystore$2.49
Cat Rat Dog Race 2PlaystoreFree
Sender Unknown: The Woods – Text AdventurePlaystoreFree

Nine Worlds Adventure

Astounding and undoubtedly epic, Nine Worlds Adventure – A Viking Saga is the ultimate adventure platform jump and run game that will challenge and thrill you to the fullest! Lure into the world of Vikings and dominate this stunning free platform jumping game!

Drill 7

Join the mysterious Lex and pilot the mining ship D7 on an adventure through the deep mines of the planet Caverna.


Reconstrucción: war is not a game is a graphic adventure in which players face the usual war dilemmas. There are no good or bad people, just human beings trying to make choices while in extreme conditions. How faithfull could you stay to your principles while your own life, or the life of those who you love, is at stake?

The Uncertain

Imagine making moral choices in a world devoid of morality. Logic rules this world, and every decision is just a set of zeros and ones. Most concepts take a whole new meaning, and some get completely abolished. Luckily reasonable beings, even if not human, always have a choice.

Detective & Puzzles

D&P provides you a great mistery story to investigate by finding clues. While you are being a detective as in CSI, you will encounter hexagon puzzles to solve. These puzzel games will make you have fun and help you to solve the crime. Let’s see if you can solve this mystere gakes.

Run Jump 3D

Are you lover of puzzle and adventure games then play run jump 3d survival running game that can help your brain? and it’s brand new game on play store, UNBELIEVABLE entertaining, challenging and just a great game for everyone. So many crazy unique puzzles you can play in temple chase games.


In Marooned, you awake from a shipwreck and struggle to survive in a hostile tropical land with danger around every turn. Written in a heavily descriptive prose and highlighted with elements of fantasy, survival, and enchantment; the story captivates the imagination.


World class adventurer Jane Sinclaire will face her greatest challenge yet in the mysterious city of Adera. Help Jane solve exciting puzzles, collect hidden artifacts, and explore the environments to unlock the secrets of this new-found civilization.


You play POC, an extremely engaging chewing gum with super powers. During this adventure, you will have many enemies to kill to recover hidden energy balls everywhere on the map. Evolve in the jungle, and develop your capacities: Split, Jump, Climb, Fire, Bubble, … But above all avoid exploding and doing POC! Can you stop playing this nugget?

Maze of the Mummy

This is a VR (Virtual reality) maze game for Android mobile phone, where you should collect treasures while several creatures (Mummy, spider,…) try to catch and disturb you in a dark pyramid. You will find traps in the maze as well so it won’t be an easy job for you to collect all the treasures and leave the maze. The maze, it’s size, the traps and monsters’ locations are random, so you will be able to play the game in many variations.


There was a girl called Fiha. For an unknown reason, She has discovered herself in a different world. Where she is completely alone. But, There were gothic creatures, ghost, and witches. She has to pass through the dark lands, dark woods, creepy paths, graveyards.

Caapora Adventure

A long time ago, the world was ruled by a constant conflict between the mythological and human world. But one day, a very powerfull shaman called Tamand arise and seald the peace between these two worlds by closing the portal through a holy stone called Caapora.

Fin & Ancient Mystery

Join big-eared Fin on a journey across seven magic platforming worlds to destroy six HUGE bosses, master magic, and save the world. You are the one with the strength to succeed!

Spooky Forest Escape

Spooky Forest Escape is a point and click escape game developed by 8BGames. Imagine that you went alone to a spooky forest on evening. You were supposed to return back before night; unfortunately you were lost in the forest. Find some hidden object to solve some interesting clues to escape the spooky forest. Good luck…Have fun!

Assassin In The City

You are an assassin. The job is to kill the targets in the city. Be careful not to get caught by the police.

40,000 years in prison

“Sentences without work 40 thousand years” (Kinko yunan) is a paid visual novel with no advertisement, no additional charge in the application. We will deliver the world like a movie outstandingly attentive to sound quality in visual novel form. Since it is a full voice recording by professional voice actor, you can enjoy it with just voice. It has become possible to enjoy both people who like picture books and people who like movies.

The Moment

Everything is running out of time. It is said to be caused by Cronus at the top of the temple of time. But to meet Cronus, you have to get over the ordeal of time. And only those who handle time can get through the ordeal.

OneBit Adventure

OneBit Adventure is an action-packed retro roguelike game where you need to explore the world and continue to go up as you evolve and engage rogue enemies. Your primary focus in OneBit Adventure is to survive. There are a plethora of different enemy types you will engage and you will have to use all your skills to stop them.

Hidden Objects: Coastal Hill Mystery

Are you ready for hidden object adventure games? You’re going to seek and find hidden objects, go on a puzzle quest to fight evil enemies, create your own character, and more fun games. If you like adventure game with finding objects, get ready to play Hidden Object Games: Mystery of the City free. A quest to eerie realm full of puzzles, adventure games, and mystery hidden object games awaits!

Survival World Craft

Survival World Craft is a new voxel simulator on your mobile! Get your own houses, decorate your own houses, decorate them, make friends, and defend yourself from the night!


Jonathin Quackup is a wandering superhero who travels around and helps those in need. One day things go horribly crazy… Aliens invade the planet and the world goes into chaos! During all the craziness villains break out of the Albian prison and monsters go on the attack! The world is doomed! Or is it? Looks like its up to Jonathin to save the day.

The Station

“The Station” is an interactive sci-fi novella set in turbulent times, which the protagonist has a hard time remembering.

Hero Panda Bomber

In Hero Panda Bomber you defeat enemies by carefully placing bombs in their way. To complete a level you must free all the captured panda cubs and defeat all enemies!

Rainbow Diamonds

Enjoy a new amazing adventure on this classic platform game around the galaxy. This a real indie game. The entirely game has been made by an only one person, and it pretends to be a tribute to the classic platform games of the 8 and 16 bits era. Be amazed by the big pixels of this game!

Pixel Cat

The hero of this story is one small cat. One day some bad squids invade. Stop the squids and save our worlds! Find freedom for all galaxies oppressed by the squid.

Sift Heads – Reborn

Team up with Vinnie, Kiro & Shorty against differents cartels around the globe. Become the greatest bounty hunter. Earn powerful weapons and skills. The best sticks shooter and adventure you’ll get!

Wrapped in Mystery

this game has 10 exciting levels with puzzles and quests, doing that you will be able to pass this game! You have to go: fairy forest, sand, terrible swamp, bubbly sea, haunted mine and other interesting levels!

Cat Rat Dog Race 2

The cat will meet the old evil enemies: the dog, the ghosts, the giant mushroom, the bat dropping bombs and the awful chain monster… and there will be new ones too.The cat has to solve new tricky problems to find its way through the new levels.


THE WHISPERER is a paranormal investigation game played in First Person. Explore, investigate and communicate with ghosts via EVP ( Electronic Voice Phenomena). Capture entities on camera and defeat evil spirits.

Sender Unknown: The Woods – Text Adventure

Morgan and friends didn’t do anything wrong, but find themselves in harrowing danger. Help them survive the traps and make difficult choices. Their life is in your hands now. The dialogue and story are written by professional writer Lisa Brunette.

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