Trick For Fast Upgrade – Ragnarok X

In this brief guide, you will get to know a little trick for fast upgrade in Ragnarok X Next Generation.

You can’t share the storage with other characters even if it is in the same is/acc. But the slave will help you more with zeny and EQ upgrade. Somehow you will get a moment stuck to upgrade your equipment. And that is what your slave is for.

As you know, there is a job for craft and selling, it is a merchant. And you can use a merchant to help your main to craft the upgrade items or if you play with your phone, you can ask a merchant for help.

In ROX, the smelting skill is really important to help you upgrade your equipment. So the trick is to raise your slave smelting skill as high as you can. And craft what you need, then sell it with vending skills!

You can find the item from all online merchants who may sell this.

Just find it on your inventory and click use.

And type the item name, and click sell finder.

And some merchants also buy items which you get from farming. So make sure you don’t sell all drop items to the NPC after you farm. Just do the same way but click on the purchase finder, and you can get more zeny than you sell it on the NPC.

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