Vainglory Tier List

Vainglory is a strategic game being released in 2014 for the game players all over the globe. There are more than 45 playable characters in the game. You have to pick them and make your team in order to battle against the opponent. Every character has its own unique play style and fighting skills. Each team consists of 3 to 5 heroes. After making the team you have to counter the enemy and to reach their base.

You have to kill the opponents and destroy their base completely. This battle would be a mission based in which you will be asked to destroy specific basses of the enemy. And will be given some objectives to achieve. You will earn bonus points as rewards on completing the mission. Vainglory is a multiplayer game, you can make a team with your friends to destroy the enemy.

Vainglory is a free to play game which is available on PC and mobile phones. You can download the game for free from the Google play store and Apple app store anytime. To play Vainglory games, you should have the mobile phone with the android version of 4.13.2 or above. The versions below this are not compatible.

The characters of the Vainglory game are categorized into three groups.

The leading heroes in group S are Catherine and Koshka. The best characters of the game and are capable of winning you the battle every time. You should play with these heroes.

The most prominent characters in group A are Blackfeather and Kestrel. These characters are almost as good as the S tiers. These will take a bit more practice to be as strong as the S tier heroes. The top heros in group B are Rona and Skye. These heroes are the weakest of the lot. You should avoid picking them up.

Tier S

JungleLane CarrySupportTier

Tier A

JungleLane CarrySupportTier

Tier B

JungleLane CarrySupportTier

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