Danmachi Memoria Freese Tier List

Danmachi Memoria Freese is a role playing mobile game being released in 2017. The characters in the game are all girls. You have the option to customize these girls, there are many costumes available for the girls. You can dress them up. There are some locked skills in the game, you can unlock them as you proceed in the game, this will make your characters much stronger. Danmachi Memoria Freese is a story based game that consists of different stages.

You will be given some quests and objectives to solve in every stage and there will be some enemies, you have to battle against them. You have got special skills to do so. You can interact with the other characters present in the game. Danmachi Memoria Freese provides you with game modes like player versus player and challenge mode. You can play these modes and earn some rewards.

Danmachi Memoria Freese game is available for free on Google play store and Apple app store. You can download it anytime. You must have a mobile phone with the android version of 4.2.0 or above to play the game.

The characters of the Danmachi Memoria Freese game are categorized into eight groups.

The leading heros in the group S+ are Elven Awakening Lefiya Viridis (Magical Adventurer) and Sparkle Princess Ais Wallenstein (Physical Adventurer). The most prominent characters in group S are Enjoy Onsen Liliruca Arde (MA) and King Ottarl (PA).

The top heros in the group A+ are Banquet Attire Hermes (A) and Banquet Queen Freya (A). The main characters in group A are Argonaut Bell Cranel (PA), Brains and Beauty Eina Tulle (A).

The most highlighted heroes in the group B+ are Artless Hephaistios (A) and Bathroom Princess Ais Wallenstein (S). The leading characters in the group B are Banquet Dress Loki (A) and Dea Saint Amid Teasanare (H). The main hero in the group C is Black Cat Chloe Lolo (PA). The main characters in group D is Sailor Princess Asfi Al Andromeda (MA).

Tier S+

CharacterWGWG & RBTier
Elven Awakening Lefiya Viridis (Magical Adventurer)YesS+
Sparkle Princess Ais Wallenstein (Physical Adventurer)YesS+
The Sly Cat Chloe Lolo (Assist)YesS+

Tier S

CharacterWGWG & RBTier
Enjoy Onsen Liliruca Arde (MA)YesS
King Ottarl (PA)YesS
Superior Reign Ottarl (PA)YesS
The Shadow Fels (Healer)YesS
White Healer Amid Teasanare (Supporter)S

Tier A+

CharacterWGWG & RBTier
Banquet Attire Hermes (A)A+
Banquet Queen Freya (A)A+
Clumsy Detective Anya Fromel (A)A+
Fushi-kaden Hitachi Chigusa (S)YesA+
Iron Warrior Tsubaki Collbrande (PA)YesA+
Onsen Princess Asfi Al Andromeda (PA)YesA+
Part-time Goddess Hestia (A)A+
Royal Elf Riveria Ljos Alf (H)YesA+
Will of Iron Kashima Ouka (Tanker)YesA+

Tier A

CharacterWGWG & RBTier
Argonaut Bell Cranel (PA)YesA
Brains and Beauty Eina Tulle (A)A
Disguised Pallum Liliruca Arde (H)YesA
Feline Lancer Anya Fromel (PA)YesA
God of Origins Ouranos (A)A
Heroic Liaris Ais Wallenstein (PA)YesA
Howling Blade Welf Crozzo (T)YesA
Incantation Lefiya Viridis (MA)YesA
Maenad’s Maiden Filvis Challia (MA)YesA
Onsen Samurai Yamato Mikoto (A)A
Paradise Mood Hestia (A)A
Silver Moonshadow Bete Loga (PA)YesA

Tier B+

CharacterWGWG & RBTier
Artless Hephaistios (A)B+
Bathroom Princess Ais Wallenstein (S)YesB+
Beautiful Admirer Freya (A)B+
Classy Gentleman Finn Deimme (PA)YesB+
Elf’s Gift Eina Tulle (A)B+
Pure-White Dress Syr Flover (A)B+
Secret Onsen Hitachi Chigusa (S)YesB+

Tier B

CharacterWGWG & RBTier
Banquet Dress Loki (A)B
Dea Saint Amid Teasanare (H)YesB
Gale Ryu Lion (S)YesB
Gorgeous Princess Ais Wallenstein (S)YesB
Masked Braver Finn Deimme (S)YesB
Oni Demon Loki (A)B
Samurai Kunoichi Yamato Mikoto (S)YesB

Tier C

CharacterWGWG & RBTier
Black Cat Chloe Lolo (PA)YesC

Tier D

CharacterWGWG & RBTier
Sailor Princess Asfi Al Andromeda (MA)YesD

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