Ways to Get the Gold Keys in Simcity Build It

This guide will provide you with the top five ways to get the Gold Keys in SimCity Build It. You can follow them carefully to get it. 

Cargo Ship Dock 

To get to a cargo ship dock, you will need three materials: bricks, a backpack, and weed to get a gold key. If the material is unattainable, you need to request a new ship. Make sure to have the items so that you can spend ten cash and get the gold keys.

War Rewards

You have to click on the medallion, and there you will find your rewards where you can participate in the premium or do the regular to get gold keys. You have to claim all of the rewards you earned while playing the game, and also you will find the premium key. When you reach tier five, you will get five more gold keys. When you reach tier seventeen, you will get ten gold keys.

Lose War 

When you win wars, you will get platinum keys, but if you lose the war, then you will get five gold keys, and you will also get demoted.  

Watch ADs 

You have to watch the commercial ads to get the gold keys. To find it, you need to look around the area, and when you find it, you have to click on it, and you will get cash or other items. After that, tap over to the Watch button, and the video will start playing, and when it ends, you will get your reward of gold keys.

Launch Disasters 

It will give you three to five gold keys, and there are seven items to launch a disaster which is very hard to collect. When you have the items, you need to go to the store and buy the items from there. You can also ask your club for these items, and they can send them to you through the gifts. 

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