Where to get Rivercross Stem – New World

In this guide, you will learn where you can get Rivercross Stem in the New World. You have to follow the instructions in this guide to do so. 

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you are on Level 30 or above in your harvesting. Collect as much hemp as you can and also herbs to use your sickle. You also have to get fronted petal caps, as shown in the image below.  

Step 2

These petal caps are also part of the quest which you have to complete. To get the exact location, you need to head to the bottom of the map in Windsword, where you can find a lot of hemp and other herbs very easily. 

Step 3

When you reach level 30 in your harvesting skill, then you can get the Rivercross. You have to use your sickle from your inventory and press the E button while aiming at the plant to harvest it, which will give you more levels in your harvesting.

Step 4

You can find this river cross along the sides of the rivers and if you want the exact location, then head towards the top left corner of the wind sword. You have to follow the long side of the river to get the river cross, as shown on the map below.  

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