Where to get Tether and Particle Ram in Warframe

This guide will let you know where to get Tether and Particle Ram in Warframe. 

Tether and Particle ram can both drop as a reward for completing points of interest in rail jack missions on specific planets. In Particular, you will need to run a mission on Venus or Earth.

Once you get into the mission, you will need to head to the main objectives that you need to complete before doing the main one. If the game doesn’t give you an actual priority objective to complete, such as disabling a small ship, then you have to back out and go back in until you do get one.

The two mods don’t have the lowest drop rates, and you will be able to get either one of the nods after some run time.

The Tether can also drop from multiple grineer fighters that can spawn in grineer Proxima missions.

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