10 Best PS5 & PS4 Split Screen Racing Games

In this comprehensive guide, you will be taken on a thrilling journey of races with friends and family on your PS5 and PS4. These top 10 split-screen racing games bring excitement to your living room. Experience high-speed action, customizable cars, and challenging tracks in these fantastic multiplayer games. Grab your controllers and gear up for adrenaline-pumping fun with these must-play racing titles.

Creative Track Challenges

Trackmania Turbo’s main goal is to race on tracks as fast as possible.

Different Cars and Environments

You can choose from four types of cars, each with its own way of handling and physics. Also, there are four different settings or environments where you can race.

Multiplayer Fun

You can play with up to four friends on the same gaming system. There are different ways to play together, like trying to beat each other’s times, sharing a car with another player, doing tricks, using power-ups, and more.

Game Modes

There are various game modes available, such as:

Time Attack: Trying to set the fastest time.

Double Driver: Two players share one car and need to work together.

Stunt Mode: Doing cool tricks on special tracks.

Bonus Mode: Using power-ups to defeat opponents.

Mono Screen: Keeping up with the screen to avoid getting eliminated.

No Computer Opponents

Remember, when you’re racing, there won’t be any computer-controlled opponents (bots). All the competition is among players.

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Formula Racing Simulator

In F1 2021, there’s a mode called F123 that allows two players to play together.

Full Grid and Teams

You can access all 20 cars from the official F1 and F2 teams, along with the real drivers. This mode lets you race on all circuits available in the game.

No Progress Saving

In this mode, you can’t save your progress. This means every time you start, you have to begin the championship from the start.

Custom Championships

You can create your championship by picking circuits. But remember, the progress won’t be saved.

Customization Options

You will have the freedom to set your own rules, choose to participate in training and qualifying sessions, and adjust the difficulty, weather, damage settings, and assists to make the game more arcade-like or realistic.

Improved Controls

F1 2021 has significantly enhanced the handling and responsiveness of the controllers compared to the previous game.

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Team Kart Racing

Team Sonic Racing is a game where characters from the Sonic world race karts together. It’s all about working as a team.

Teamwork in Racing

You and up to three friends can help each other by sharing power-ups and items while racing. Or you can also race against each other if you prefer.

Different Modes to Play

There are various ways to play the game, such as Adventure, Grand Prix, Time Trial, Exhibition, and Team Adventure modes.

Tracks and Customization

The game includes 21 tracks inspired by Sonic games, filled with shortcuts and surprises. You can customize your kart with different parts, colors, and decals.

Character Types

There are 15 playable characters, each belonging to one of three types; speed, technique, or power. Mixing these types allows you to build your perfect team, each type affecting how your kart handles.

Split-Screen with Bots

If you’re short on players, the split-screen mode includes computer-controlled opponents (bots) to keep the race exciting and competitive.

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Rally Through Time

WRC Generations is a fantastic game for people who love rally racing.

Driver Selection

You can choose from the real drivers and co-drivers featured in the game.

Rally Locations and Stages

The game includes 21 rally spots with more than 100 stages to conquer. It also features the latest Hybrid models. If you like older cars, there’s a generation mode where you can drive iconic cars from different eras, but this mode is only for solo play.

Multiplayer Options

There’s a split-screen mode available for two players on the same console.

Customizable Features

You have various options to customize, like switching between different weather conditions (static or dynamic).

Game Style

It’s an accurate simulation of the real World Rally Championship. Unlike typical racing games, cars don’t compete directly with each other on the track. Instead, they race against the clock to achieve the best times on each stage. This means no crashing into each other during races, and there are no computer-controlled opponents on the track.

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Nitro-Fueled Kart Mayhem

Nitro-Fueled is a fun and fast-kart racing game that brings back the classic 1999 game while adding new content and features.

Mastering Powerslide Mechanic

It challenges your skills by focusing on mastering the powerslide technique. This means the timing button presses while drifting to boost your speed.

Tracks and Characters

You can race on 44 different tracks and choose from a total of 56 characters. Some characters are unlocked from the start, while others you can unlock as you progress through the game.

Customization Options

You can personalize your karts and characters using various cosmetic items like skins, stickers, wheels, decals, and paint jobs.

Multiplayer Capability

Multiplayer is available for up to four players on a single console. However, Adventure Mode isn’t available for multiplayer. The split-screen modes include Time Trials, Relic Races, CTR Challenges, and more.

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Off-Road Arcade Racing

Dirt 5 is a fun arcade-style racing game that lets you drive different off-road cars on various tracks.

Dynamic Weather System

The game features changing weather conditions on the tracks, making races more challenging and exciting.

Campaign Mode

The campaign is split into five chapters, each with a main event that you must qualify for by earning stamps from other events. Completing events rewards you with new cars, sponsors, liveries, and stickers for both hosts and guests.

Arcade Mode

Alternatively, there’s an arcade mode where you can create custom races or time trials.

Split-Screen Multiplayer

Both the campaign and arcade modes support multiplayer for up to four players on split-screen.

Tracks and Locations

Dirt 5 offers over 70 routes across 10 global locations, giving you a wide variety of environments to race in.

AI Bots

The game includes AI opponents (Bots) to make races more competitive and engaging.

Car Variety

With more than 60 cars across over 10 classes, you’ll find different types of cars, including rallycross and classic rally cars from the 80s and 90s.

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Retro-Inspired Arcade Racing

Horizon Chase Turbo is a game that brings back the feel of classic arcade racing games, appealing to fans of retro-style racing.

Charming Features

It boasts vibrant graphics, catchy music, and easy-to-understand gameplay, capturing the essence of old-school racing games.

Abundance of Tracks and Cars

Players can race on over 100 tracks spread across 48 cities, with a total of 33 cars available to unlock and customize, providing diverse options.

Multiplayer Enjoyment

Multiplayer mode supports up to four players on the same screen across all game modes, making it a highlight of the game.

World Tour Mode

The primary mode, World Tour, involves global travel, acquiring new cars, and upgrades as you progress. Unlocking access to additional modes like tournaments and adventures, which require winning races to unlock new car skins, and an endurance mode where you race through random tracks without upgrades.

Accessible Racing Experience

Horizon Chase Turbo offers a nostalgic and easy-to-play racing experience suitable for everyone.

Dynamic AI Competition

Artificial intelligence-controlled cars are active throughout the track, increasing the excitement and challenge during gameplay.

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Futuristic Anti-Gravity Racing

The Wipeout Omega Collection introduces anti-gravity ships equipped with weapons, moving away from traditional cars in racing games.

Collection of Three Games

This collection includes three games from the Wipeout series: Wipeout HD, Fury, and 2048.

Tracks and Ships

Players get access to 26 tracks that can even be raced in reverse. There’s a choice of 46 different ships, each with its special abilities.

Matching Tunes

The music in the game perfectly complements the high-speed races.

Multiplayer Modes

You can play with someone on the same screen in various modes from Wipeout HD and Fury. These modes include single race, tournament, time trial, speed lap, Eliminator, and Zone mode. In Zone mode, your ship’s speed continuously increases, and you aim to survive as long as possible before your shield energy runs out.

AI Opponents

The grid includes AI opponents, adding competition to your races.

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Motorcycle Racing Simulation

The MotoGP series stands out among bike racing games for offering the most realistic split-screen gaming.

Realism in Physics and Weather

The game features realistic physics for bikes and dynamic weather conditions, adding to the lifelike experience.

Latest Installment: MotoGP 23

This is the newest game in the series, allowing players to engage in split-screen mode with another player, racing against each other and AI opponents.

Extensive Selection

The game includes a wide range of official riders and teams, giving players the chance to race on tracks from the 2023 season and even some classic tracks.

Rooted in Simulation

MotoGP games are grounded in simulation, requiring practice and learning from mistakes. This aspect might be challenging and potentially frustrating for casual players looking for a more relaxed gaming experience.

For Fans of the Sport

If you’re a fan of motorcycle racing, you might appreciate the challenge and realism the game offers, although it might not be as enjoyable for those seeking a more laid-back gaming experience.

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Realistic Car Simulation

Gran Turismo games are known for their exceptional graphics and realistic physics, aiming to provide an authentic driving simulation experience.

Gran Turismo Sport’s Split-Screen Feature

In Gran Turismo Sport, there’s a split-screen feature in the arcade mode. Players can choose their cars, and tracks, and adjust track conditions and transmission type. There’s a wide collection of over 300 cars and 27 tracks with more than 70 variants, offering considerable variety.

Gran Turismo 7’s Split-Screen Comparison

Gran Turismo 7 also introduces a split-screen mode, but it’s less developed compared to GT Sport. Unlocking this mode requires completing a specific challenge. However, the second player in GT7 can’t adjust settings like transmission or assists, leading to an imbalance where the first player often has an advantage. This can make races unfair and frustrating for the second player.

Limitations and Differences

Both games feature only 1v1 races without AI opponents, and there’s no option to modify the aspect ratio, resulting in persistent black borders around the screen.

Final Thoughts

If these limitations aren’t a concern, both Gran Turismo Sport and Gran Turismo 7 can still offer an enjoyable split-screen experience, especially in GT Sport. However, GT7’s split-screen mode seems to have issues that make it less enjoyable at the moment.

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