Beginner’s Guide Southwest Florida Roblox

It is a beginner’s guide to play the Southwest Florida game.

If you want to spawn a car, you will need to click on the cars icon on the left side of your screen. There is one free car in Sedan and one in Hatchback.

Then press E to enter the car and press F to turn it on. You have to press L to turn on or off the car’s lights. And press C for the right blinker and Z for the left blinker.

You can press the “T” button to enable or disable the TCS and Y to enable or disable AVS.

You have to make your way to the car dealership to buy a car. Park your car in the parking area and enter the building.

Move to the counter, click on the car you want and then click on the BUY button to purchase the car.

Spawn this new car and click on Colors if you want to change the car’s color. Select any color you want; you will need to pay Robux for the custom colors.

If you want to start a job, click on the jobs icon on the left side of your screen and then select the job.

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