Best Grinding Vehicles in Roblox Jailbreak

This guide will find out the top five best grinding vehicles in February 2022 in Roblox Jailbreak. It will let you know the different features and prices of these vehicles. 

The MCL36

Location: Limited McLaren Building

The MCL36 is a limited vehicle that is only obtainable for 2 weeks; it costs 200,000$ in-game cash and has a capacity of two seats. This vehicle has one of the best handlings in the game and is only here for about 2 weeks for the collaboration with McLaren. The MCL36 is a high-speed vehicle for its price (200,000) which beats most supercars and has a futuristic supercar design. It offers a unique single-seat design with a clean steering wheel design. This vehicle also has insane speeds for level 1 and 5 engines, making it better than most. The Reverse Speed is incredibly awesome since it can go over 79 Mph, tied with the Bugatti Eclair and Beignet.

The top speed of this vehicle is also very awesome since it can go over 225 mph which makes it the 7th fastest vehicle. Overall, the MCL36 is incredibly good for its price of 200k to keep it and is so quick for its price.


Location: 1M Dealership

The volt bike costs 1,000,000, which had been nerfed a while ago and has a total capacity of one seat. Its acceleration is the best in the game and is one of the fastest vehicles; however, it was nerfed about 6 months ago. The volt bike also features a cool trail when driving the vehicle. However, this does only feature a capacity of 1 seat. This vehicle is incredible when grinding solo. In fact, with the power plant robbery, you can earn about 5500$.

Although it can’t climb on top of mountains anymore, it is still a fast vehicle and the fastest in short-mid range. It is very easy to control and drive, which can significantly boost your grinding. Overall, the volt bike is an excellent vehicle when grinding in solos. It is one of the best-grinding vehicles.


Location: near the City Gun store

The cyberTruck has a total capacity of six seats which costs 100,000$ in-game cash, and is an excellent vehicle for grinding. Due to its big capacity, it is an awesome vehicle for grinding in groups which boosts your grinding a lot. The cybertruck is a high-speed vehicle for its price and is one of the best cars for off-roading. This vehicle can drift very well. They get an outstanding amount of cash by robbing the power plant. The cyberTruck also has excellent acceleration and an incredibly cool interior.

This vehicle is very useful in grinding in groups due to its off-roading and total capacity.


Location: Train Station

The Stallion has a total capacity of seats that cost 200,000$ and is an unknown car. This supercar can beat several vehicles at top speed, making it one of the fastest cars with a very sports car architecture. The Stallion is a fast sports car; however, it isn’t meant for off-roading due to its low suspension height. This vehicle is very underrated and unknown. However, buying this 200k dollar-priced vehicle is highly recommended since it has incredible handling.

Military Helicopter

Location: 1M Dealership and the Military Base

The Military helicopter, also known as the Black Hawk, is a 1 Million priced flying vehicle with 9 seats, including the rope. This vehicle is the 3rd fastest aerial vehicle after the jet and drone. In addition, it also features the 2nd best reverse speed. The Black Hawk has missiles that let you shoot rockets against the opposite team doing decent damage.

The military helicopter is a perfect vehicle for grinding. It is a good getaway vehicle since it has a great launch and acceleration. However, it has a huge shape and has poor health when getting shot down, which will be very annoying when grinding. This vehicle is incredibly awesome for grinding in solos, especially group grinding, due to its total capacity.

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