Derelict Citadel Guide – Returnal

The third zone is more difficult than his boss. This guide will show you a full run along with the tips.  

You have to rush doors in the first zone until you find the circle door to use the teleport. 

You only have to take items if they are on your path toward doors and don’t lose time/life here. You will need to go to the teleport gate and make sure that no monsters have followed you.

Your goal in this desert is to get at least one door key and don’t lose much life before using the teleport.

Don’t forget that you are immune while dashing, enabling you to dodge the beams. You can take these parasites (healing you when low life/ +15 protect) cause you won’t take any malfunctions. 

Here is the key you were looking for. You can use it in the 3rd zone. 

You can open the chest gate by destroying this little thing often near the closed gate.

Before taking the first teleport, you always have to go there as you will often get healing stuff and ether. But never dash through his teleport, or you will skip it and get behind. Just walk or jump in.   

Sometimes there are aggressive monsters here, so you have to take care of yourself.

And here we are in the Third Zone. Your goal is to activate the last little teleport alive with healing potions. To do this, you will need to skip the monsters as much as possible. 

If you finish all fights, you will surely lose life, potions, time, or die. Take everything helping you without gaining malfunctions. Now, you only have to kill easy monsters on your road to skip.  

You don’t have to skip there because you need this small teleport safe, and it is where you will use your key.

Behind this gate, you will often have this regen machine. You can use it after unlocking the last small teleport before the boss.   

Return after unlocking the last small teleport to craft as much healing as possible. There is a dangerous zone while skipping, trying not to lose too much life. 

In this room, you will need to get on the top and kill towers. After a little time, the door will unlock, and you can skip. 

Now the door is open, skip and take care because there are turrets behind. Heal and skip. 

Sometimes, there are drones; if you have a good weapon, kill them; otherwise, run fast, dash /dodge, and triangle to get far. 

Here you can kill them all, but take care of their back attack if you choose to skip. 

Now it is the beam zone; take care of them and dash through. Don’t be in a hurry; take your time not to lose a life. 

When you climb the stairs, monsters will spawn there. Take care of them and kill them to be safe.

Now it is the last room event before the boss, kills the tower. And when the door is unlocked, skip and get the last small teleport. 

Now that you got the last teleport before the boss gets your life machine and craft heal potions. You have to take care of monsters who have followed you. 

It is not obligatory, but you can also use your ether to craft more stuff or heal. 

You should take his life down fast with a better weapon and use your secondary attack because the more time you spend, the more he makes big attacks. 

So the global strategy is to keep going left or right with a dash before the edge dash opposite and keep that way till the other edge and repeat. You can change the direction after each wave if you prefer. 

If you want to be safe, you can dodge this big wave attack can be dodged only with good placement, but dash at the last moment. Also, take care of the beams. Just prepare to dash if it comes to you. 

For this channeled beam, you have to jump/ dash or directly dash through it. It does only one arc in Phase 1.

When the beam hits the ground like this, you have to prepare for a jump. Jump the fire beams and prepare to left-right-left to dodge balls. 

In Phase 2, you will have to triangle to get near the boss and boosts his attacks. As usual, prepare to dodge twice. 

Dodge like in Phase 1 but take care of the beams; they will be cast twice. This beam will come on when you prepare to re-dash. 

There will be two ball waves too! Like in phase 1, you will need to place yourself to dodge and dash at the last moment.  

If you can’t see a triangle, jump toward a point, and it will be available. Take care of the beams hitting the ground; they will be cast twice and can be cast by both floating monsters simultaneously.

To dodge this new attack, you have to jump forward. 

Always stay in movement in this dashing phase otherwise, the balls will hit you. 

Now the easy one is the last phase!

You have to attack him while going forward, jumping, and triangulating. If you see a beam being cast, jump a triangle or dash before being hit. 

When you are near, he will push you back; just repeat this till the end. 

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