Easiest Way To Farm Lazurites in MHRise

This guide will provide you with the fastest and easiest way to farm Lazurites and reach HR 999 without God charm. 

Step 1: You must expense all Sticky Ammo 2 as this will help Navigate Through Ammo Later.

Step 2: Knock out the apex Bear with sticky Ammo3.  

Step 3: You can use WYVERN AMMO to deal a massive amount of damage. Hold ZR until the gun glows yellow.

Step 4: You will need to repeat steps 1-3 until the Apex Bear is dead.

Craft your ammo while roaring or reloading.

The unchanged WYVERN Ammo Deals less DDMG, while Bazel solo also gives lazurites.

But it’s not Guaranteed. Apex Monsters give out at least two lazurite per run.

And Bear is One of the Easiest out of all 3.

With some practice, you can run this in 5 minutes, giving out 3-4 lazurites on average.

Namely, you can get at least 15 Lazurites in 30 minutes and a ton of hunter rank as well.

In this guide, we have done Bazel too but only got seven lazurites in 30 minutes.

Maybe in this guide go bad luck Or Bad, But you got the point.

You Might Ask here, “Why not Capture?”. You can’t capture the apex monsters.

He is about to die anyway.

Three lazurites in under 5 minutes, not bad at all.

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