Fastest Way to Get Money In Roblox The Wild West

In this brief guide you will get to know the fastest way to get money in Roblox The Wild West game.

The fastest way to get money is by robbing the bank. It is recommended to join the smaller server for this. First you need to buy dynamite from any gun store. It is in the ‘special’ tab and costs $20.

Now go back to the bank and pick the door lock.

Throw the dynamite at the safe and then take the money. Get the maximum amount of cash.

There will be a lot of cash and gold bars inside the safe to grab.

After taking all you can escape through the tunnel. Open the gate at the end of the tunnel and call your horse to run away quickly.

One bank robbery will give you $1100(8 gold bars $100 each, plus the money bag $300).

Now you will have to go to an outlaw’s camp.

Go to the store guy and hold F to sell your gold. You can rob the bank again or server hop.

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