Fishman Karate Style Location | King Legacy

This guide will tell you about the location of Fishman Karate Style in the King Piece game.

The first thing you will need to do is to find this new island near Shadow Boss Island. This island is big so you can see its Shadow from far.

Go to the top of this building.

Now jump down from the left side where you find two blue walls are joining.

Fishman Karate Style Cost: 1.4.5 Million Beli.

The Aquatic Combat skill deals 5025 damage in one hit.

The Aquatic Beam skill provides 9500 damage in five hits as each hit deals 1900 damage.

The Water Generation skill deals 7515 damage in one hit but it does not have a big range.

The Water Bullet skill provides 7105 damage in 7 hits.

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