FiveM (GTA V) – How To Boost FPS

In this guide, you will get to know how to increase the FPS of FiveM. You have to follow the given guide, and you will be able to know the settings you have to do to do this. These settings will increase the performance of your games.

You can boost the FPS of FiveM very easily and quickly. All you need to do is go to the FiveM properties by right-clicking on it. Now come up to the Compatibility section and tick the box of Disable fullscreen optimizations.

Now click on the Change high DPI settings. Then tick the box of Override high DPI scaling behavior and choose the Application option under it. Don’t forget to click on the Apply option.

Now search for GPU settings and open it up.  

After that, click on the Browse option and select the FiveM.

Now come up to the Options.

Choose the High-Performance settings and click on the Save option. 

You will need to keep the Variable refresh rate on.

Now again, search for Game Mode settings and open it. Turn on the Game Mode option.

After that, you will need to go to the Game bar option at the left side of the window and uncheck the Open Game bar using this button on a controller option. 

Now come up to the Run window and enter the msconfig.

Go to the Boot section and then go to Advanced options. Choose the option of 8 under the Number of processors. Don’t forget to click OK

Now go to the Services section and tick the checkbox of Hide all Microsoft services located at the bottom of the window. Now disable the services you don’t need and click on the Apply option.

Now search for a power plan and open it up.

Head to the Power Options at the top of the window, click on the Create a Power Plan at the left side, and set it to High Performance. Change the Plan name to Ultimate Performance and click on the Next option.

Now you will need to search for background apps and open it up.

And turn off the Let apps run in the background option.

Go to your C Drive properties and click on the Disk Cleanup option. Tick all the boxes except Downloads and then tap on Delete Files after clicking on the OK option.

Now go to your PC properties by right-clicking on the icon. Then go to the Advanced system settings at the left side of the window.

Here go to the Remote section and uncheck the box under Remote Assistance. Don’t forget to click on the Apply option. 

Now come up to the Advanced section and click on the Settings option. 

Click on the Custom and check the checkboxes of Show thumbnails instead of icons, Slide open combo boxes, and Smooth edges of screen fonts. Don’t forget to click on the Apply option.

After that, you have to go to the Run window and enter the temp. Then delete all the files there.

Open up the Run window and enter the %temp%. Then delete all the files here.

Now click on the link below to download the FiveM FPS Boost Pack.

You have to extract it; you can use WinRAR for this purpose. Search for the restore point and open it. 

Select the Local Disk C and click on Configure. Set the Max Usage to 5% and click on the Apply option. Now come up to the Create option, name it RestorePoint, and click on the Create option below.

Now you have to run all Reg files one by one. Come up to the second folder of Packs which is FiveM Low Optimization Config. Then right-click on the FiveM application and click on the Open File Location. Now copy the folder from FiveM Low Optimization Config, paste it into the FiveM Application Data, and click on Replace the file

Now come up to the Epic Games application and go to the Settings

Scroll down, and in this guide, the Grand Theft Auto V has been chosen. So go to the third folder of Packs and copy the command.

Now you have to paste it under Grand Theft Auto V.

After that, come up to the last folder of Packs and install the RazerCortex

After you have installed it, open the application. Go to the Boost section and click on the Boost Now option.

Now go to the FPS section and uncheck the Show FPS overlay while in-game

And then, head to the System Booster section and click on the Scan option.

Install the first file of the last folder of Packs

After you have downloaded it, open the application. Come up to the File section and click on the Settings. On the left side, there is a General option; just click on it. Then tick the checkbox of Always on top under the General Configuration.

Then click on the Clean Memory option.

Come up to AMD. It is only for AMD users. 

Now click on the three dots at the top right-hand corner and tap on the Add A Game. Then choose the FiveM.

Now under the Graphics section, choose the option eSports right after the Graphics Profile

Now set the Sharpness to 90% and Vertical Refresh to Always off. Under the Advanced section, you have to set the Tessellation Mode to Override application settings and Maximum Tessellation Level to 8x.

Now go to the FiveM settings.   

Under the Interface section, uncheck the make the interface use a dark theme option. And choose the Off option under the Reduce blur ( for low-end systems).

Now you will need to go to the Settings of the game.

Come up to the Graphics option, which is on the left-hand side. Now you need to change the settings of your game, as shown in the images below.

The remaining settings you need to change is the Tessellation option; turn it to Off under the Ambient Occlusion. Now click on the Apply Changes option located at the end of the settings.

Head to the Advanced Graphics option on the left side. And change the Advanced Graphics Settings of your game as shown in the image below.

Now you are done, and you can see the difference in your game. 

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