Tips for Safe Trader Role Deliveries in Red Dead Online

This guide will provide five tips for Safe Trader Role Deliveries in Red Dead Online. Follow these tips, which will help you progress into the game.

  1. Griefers will find your delivery

You must ensure that Griefers find out about your delivery if you make it in a populated lobby. Any player can see the long-distance delivery on a map from Valentine; it doesn’t matter how far you are. They will fast-travel close to you and attack you when they see a delivery on a map. They will also steal your wagon, and the game will tell you to do so. But don’t worry, even if you will get attacked; it’s not a big deal.

2. If your wagon destroys

If your wagon destroys and your delivery is in danger, you will need to open up the menu and choose Online. After that, tap on Camp and switch to the lobby, and you will find that all your goods are fine. Now you can make a new delivery.

3. Deliver in a solo session

The next tip is that the Griefers won’t attack you if you are in a solo session. You must go to your camp, rest by the fire, and wait for 10 to 15 seconds. Afterward, go to Online options on the left menu and tap Change Appearance. On the appearing screen, wait for a little bit and then quit it without changing anything. After that, you will find that you are the only player in your lobby. Go to your Camp, talk to Crips and pick the long-distance delivery. Now you don’t need to worry about Griefers, and you will also find legendary animals in the single lobby.

4. Help other traders to make money

You can make a huge amount of money when there are double payouts for a trader roll. You don’t have to ignore Posse invites when there is double money for a Trader roll because every Posse member who makes a delivery will receive half the profit. Many high-level players invite beginners to their party while making a large wagon for long-distance delivery. So when you see this invite, it means that any trader is looking for players who will help him make a delivery. But if Griefers are sending these invites, then you need to switch the lobby.

5. The fastest trader travel

Place your camp in the Gaptooth Ridge just south of Tumbleweed. Make your way to Benedict Point, open the left menu, tap on Camp & properties, and select Camp. After that, click on Size, choose Small camp, and choose another location. It will remove your camp, and you must choose Gaptooth Ridge again to place your camp nearby. You can only do two local deliveries there, so that you will receive less money.