Gravitation Suite Mod: How To Download And Install In Minecraft

The GRAVITATION SUITE MOD provides you with new items, weapons, tools and a gravity set of clothes for your character. Wearing this suit, you will be able to fly and rapidly roam around the game’s world.

Follow the following steps to install GRAVITATION SUITE MOD  1.12.2 in Minecraft:

  • Open the link below and download the setup.

  • Open the following link and download the mod file.

  • Open the link below and download the mod file.

  • Launch Minecraft and then click on the three bar icon.

  • After that, click on Launch options, then tap on UNNAMED CONFIGURATION. Set the version “release 1.12.2” and then click on SAVE.

  • Click on News and tap the upper arrow icon. Then select “Unnamed configuration” and click on PLAY.

  • Click on “Quit Game”.
  • Type windows+r to open the run dialog box, type %appdata% in it and click OK.
  • After that, follow this directory “appdata\roaming\.minecraft\versions.

  • Open Forge installer, select “Install client” and then click on OK.

  • As the installation gets completed, a new folder will be generated in the versions folder.

  • Launch Minecraft, click on the upper arrow. Select forge and hit the PLAY button.

  • After that, you will need to click on Mods.

  • Check whether the right program is installed and then click on Done.

  • Click on Quit Game.

  • Open appdata folder again by run command, navigate to the mods folder by following the marked directory. Drag and drop the downloaded mod in the mods folder.

  • Again launch Minecraft, and click on PLAY.

  • Now you will need to tap on Mods.

  • Check that mods have been installed in the program and then click on Done.

  • Click on Singleplayer.

  • And then click on Create New World.

  • Click on More World Options…

  • Make some changes as shown in the image below and then press Done.

  • Click on Create New World.

  • Explore and enjoy the game.

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