Card games have been around for a very long time. Playing card games on cell phones can be very addictive. It can also save you from the hassle of storing physical cards. We have curated a list of hidden gems that will keep you entertained for a while.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
BOOST22 – the card gameiOSFree
Desert Walk SolitaireiOSFree
CQ – Never Have I EveriOSFree
Poker Showdown: Wild West DueliOSFree
Super Easy AcesiOSFree
Desert Walk SolitaireiOSFree
K9 Shanghai Rum: Phase RummyiOSFree
Twelve-Handed PokeriOS$0.99
Innerspeak CardsiOSFree
Shnarps – Classic Card GameiOSFree
Custom Pairs of Cards.iOSFree
Basic Slap JackiOSFree
Shot (Drinking Game)iOSFree
Solitaire classic collectioniOSFree
Tusk BattleiOSFree
No Ads SolitaireiOSFree
Sips: Drink with FriendsiOSFree
Virtual Poker TableiOSFree
Bookbag: Spades ScorekeeperiOSFree
Square SolitaireiOSFree
Solitaire Spider – Play 4 FuniOSFree
Learn Farm AnimalsiOS$1.99
Classic Whist PremiumiOS$0.99
Gallery SolitaireiOSFree
Forehead rates teachiOSFree
Poker MindsiOSFree

BOOST22 – the card game

So you think you can play any card game, player? Well, you’ve never tried BOOST22. It’s fast, challenging, and fun – and you don’t have to be a pro to have a seat at the table. But only real players have a chance. It’s not for anyone. It’s for competitive men and women that don’t step away from a challenge and play to win.

Desert Walk Solitaire

The goal of the game is to arrange all the cards in ascending order from aces to kings, moving one card at a time, trying to avoid creating empty spaces behind kings. The cards can only be shuffled three times during a play, making it quite rare that the game is solved.

CQ – Never Have I Ever

This is a Never Have I Never that’s much more intense and queer than most out there. There are over 300 questions in the base pack, and up to 900 unlockable questions that can be purchased.


BigMatch is a photo card memory matching game with voice for the iPad. It maximizes the use of the iPad’s larger screen to present the biggest card possible. Therefore this game is ideal for individuals with visual impairments, but everyone will enjoy it.

Poker Showdown: Wild West Duel

This game combines 5 card poker rules with turn based tactics rpg in a western setting to create a new game that involves building strong poker hands, cowboys with special abilities, collecting bounties, upgrading your card deck…

Super Easy Aces

Super Easy Aces is a brand new one card guessing game unlike anything you have ever played! How is Super Easy Aces different??? To begin, Super Easy Aces uses a totally re-imagined deck of playing cards. In our game we use a 54 card deck comprised of 25 aces, 12 twos, 8 threes, 7 fours and 2 jokers. WHAT!!! I’ve never seen a card deck like that before!

Desert Walk Solitaire

The goal of the game is to arrange all the cards in ascending order from aces to kings, moving one card at a time, trying to avoid creating empty spaces behind kings. The cards can only be shuffled three times during a play, making it quite rare that the game is solved.

K9 Shanghai Rum: Phase Rummy

K9 Shanghai Rum is a puppy-themed version where you play against 3 AI opponents. This new, multiplayer version allows you to play a 4 player game with any mix of friends and AI bots. To measure your progress, you will be training a puppy which will advance through its lessons as you learn Shanghai Rummy. Puppy raising tips come from 16 years of service-dog training experience.

Twelve-Handed Poker

The object of this game is to make your best 12 poker hands (5 across, 5 down, and 2 diagonal) given 26 dealt cards. Your score is the sum of all 12 hands. You may skip one card during a game, leaving 25 places to fill in.

Innerspeak Cards

InnerSpeak is a very powerful healing modality which allows the Inner self, or soul, to communicate to the conscious mind, thus identifying the areas or blocks that prevent us from creating the realities we desire. Our Inner self talks to us constantly, but we don’t speak the language. Otherwise we would listen attentively and exist in a state of absolute perfection, surrounded with everything and everyone we desire! InnerSpeak is a language for listening to the soul.


This app is perfect for you if you like to party. It offers you different possibilities. Firstly, you have different suggestions for drinking games, if you have too few ideas, you can be inspired and read how it works exactly if you do not know it yet! On the other page is an advertising page for Redcupshop!

Shnarps – Classic Card Game

Popular on pro hockey road trips, Shnarps is a trick-based card game that involves strategy and a bit of luck. Players compete to win tricks and be the first to get down to zero.


Twin Cards is a beautiful take on the traditional card game. Improve your memory skills and enjoy playing with different themed card decks.

Custom Pairs of Cards.

Custom pairs of cards game, It is a game that helps train visual agility and mental agility. It is intended for children, but it can help people of any age. The game must be customized with selected photos from your gallery, which facilitates and helps improve visual memory and mental agility. The selected photos can be from family, pets, friends, known places, downloaded from the internet …… any image you want can be used.

Basic Slap Jack

Slapjack, also known as slaps, is an exciting, fast paced card game that varies from the norm by requiring fast reflexes rather than savvy card playing. It is also very suitable for children of any age. The object of Slapjack is to collect all the cards by being the first person to slap the Jack each time it appears. It is that simple.


Hexplore is an application which allows one to create a collection of soundtracks, becoming a treasure hunt list with augmented reality. Based on a system of markers which the organizer downloads and prints, the organizer places these logos/markers within the designated area. The organizer then creates a scavenger hunt list on his/her mobile phone, which will be used by the participants. These augmented reality markers trigger sounds and mappings. These mappings are retrieved from the collection and the participants may also listen to the sounds retrieved from the scanned markers in the order of their discovery. After the experience, the participant may also listen to the markers which were not found during the treasure hunt and continue exploring to complete his/her map.

Shot (Drinking Game)

Animate your party with the best cards table game ever created! Select a group of friends and start the party, then choose from different decks, which you can use in other games too like BeerPong , trust or drink and more.

Solitaire classic collection

More than 140 solitaires. 3-4 new games with each update. Simple interface. Portrait and landscape orientation. Some games are easier to play in the portrait orientation, the others – in the landscape. Try it!

Tusk Battle

Play with friends, win many matches and scale the charts! Collect 3 contiguous Tusk Battle cards in 4×4 grid to win. Be careful to use special cards!

No Ads Solitaire

We are very excited to for you to use our new concept of a Solitaire game which lets you play good old fashioned Solitaire without all those clutter-some pop-up ads and full-screen take-over advertisements.

Sips: Drink with Friends

Sips is the first-ever drinking game you can play whenever and wherever. All you need is the app and some friends. Whether your party is in-person or on Zoom, Sips has you covered. To begin playing, tap New Game to “shuffle” the deck and let the fun begin. Players will be randomly selected to participate in dares, games, trivia, and so much more.

Virtual Poker Table

Keep the fun and challenge of face to face poker and enjoy the advantages of a professional dealer anywhere. No more need for chips and cards or managing deals, blinds and pots. Just play poker using any mobile device and let Virtual Poker Table take care of the rest! Use a dedicated device (preferably a tablet or TV) as the table/dealer and players can use their phone to connect and play poker together.


A dark humour party drinking game, fun for pre-drinks and house parties with over 1000 different questions to expose your friends with, regularly updated to add more questions to keep the game fresh and fun to play.

Bookbag: Spades Scorekeeper

We know that you know the right way to play Spades but sometimes your friend plays a little suspect. No matter what rules you play by, Bookbag has you covered. No pen? No problem. Still using a pen? Problem. Please join us in this 21st century so we can show them how get all the books in the bag, with Bookbag.

Square Solitaire

Square Solitaire is a fun and exciting twist to traditional solitaire games.

Solitaire Spider – Play 4 Fun

Welcome to Solitaire world “Solitaire and Spider – Play 4 Fun”, the solitaire and Spider cards with alot of rules of solitaire kinds will come soon as Klondike Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Canfield Solitaire, Golf Solitaire, Yukon Solitaire, Poker Solitaire, Freecell Solitaire, Tripeaks Solitaire…

Learn Farm Animals

This is the classical memory game with animal cards. Tap on a card to see the hidden picture behind it. The animal sound and name will be played every time a animal picture is shown. Match two animal cards and they will visually move to the center overlapping to highlight that they are the same and then get removed from the game board.

Classic Whist Premium

Whist is a simple partnership trick-taking card game. While the rules of the game are simple, it takes good strategic thinking and teamwork to master. Work with your AI partner to outwit your opponents in this fast and fun card game.

Gallery Solitaire

Gallery Solitaire is a clever game for a short break with serious addiction potential. What makes it different from other solitaire games? 1. It compares your efforts with a random tapping strategy. 2. You don’t have to do obvious moves, you make the good decisions.

Forehead rates teach

Teachers, trainers and lecturers make their categories available with selected content. Whether it is for a subject, relevant for the next exam or a course at university – it doesn’t matter. You only need the access code to the virtual classroom. Then you simply join and have a choice of topics tailored for you. All without registration and free of charge.


Learn to laugh at yourself. Endship is best played with people you like. If you’re playing in person, bring battery chargers. If you’re in a pandemic hot spot, do not play in person, it’s better over group call

Poker Minds

Poker Minds makes it very easy for people to host and play a Texas Hold’em Poker game. No sign up needed. No Payments. No fancy stuff. Just pure Poker. Invite up to 10 friends. Start a game in Seconds. Make Social Gatherings more fun

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