How to Change Clan Tag & Choose Regiment Tag in Call of Duty Warzone or Modern Warfare

This guide will let you know how to change the Clan Tag & choose the Regiment Tag in Call of Duty Warzone or Modern Warfare. You have to follow the simple steps in this guide to do so. 

You have to go to the home screen of Call of Duty Warzone, tap on the Barracks, and you will have the option for identity under Barracks. Click on the Custom Clan tag to type the custom clan tag and save it. It will successfully save your custom clan tag. 

After that, head back and press the Triangle button to open the social menu. You will need to go to the regiments section, and if you want to switch your regiment, you have to press the L2 button to open up the new Switch Regiment tab on the left side of the screen. Then you need to select the regiment, as shown in the image below.  

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