How to Co-Op In Elden Ring

This guide will let you know how to Co-Op in Elden Ring. Go through the guide and follow all the steps carefully.

The first thing you will need to do is find a sign on the side of a rocky area and then interact with the sign. After that, you have to go and look for other summoning signs around the area. To see the symbols, you will need to have Furlcalling Finger Remedy, go to the side of the church, and find a merchant who sells crafting materials for three hundred, so you have to buy them from him.

You will need to run around the area to find the flowers and then activate the sign. After that, use the furlcalling finger remedy through which all the golden signs will come out and become visible to you. If you want to leave your sign, you have to use the Furled Finger and head over to the multiplayer option from your options menu. From there, you have everything which you can co-op in the game.

If you set a multiplayer password, no one will enter your party until they have the password. When you beat the boss, it will not give progress to the co-op partner. You need to set the Rendering Mode option to DirectX11 and enable the Multithreaded Rendering option. 

While using an NVIDIA graphics card, you should allow the NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency option and set it to On, and it will have a lot of impact on the game’s performance when using up-to-date graphics drivers. After that, set the DLSS option for Deep Learning SuperSampling to Performance. In some cases, it will reduce your render resolution, but it will use deep learning to render highly detailed images. You have to play the game to see how these new settings affect your in-game performance and input delay.  

It will improve your performance and fix input delay. For low-end PCs, you might want to reduce these settings even more. The 3D Resolution option should not be changed, as it will automatically change when applying some of the next settings. You have to disable the Shadows and Anti-Aliasing and the two High-Resolution options. Under Advanced Graphics, you have to disable the vertical sync, disable Motion Blur, and enable the Show FPS option to see how well the game runs on my system. 

You need to open up your Epic Games launcher and navigate to your games library. Here, click on the burger menu for Fortnite and click on Options. It will allow you to disable the High-Resolution Textures option. When you disable the high-resolution settings in your video settings, you will not need to download and use these for the game.

After that, open up the game, navigate to your video settings and make sure to play in the Fullscreen mode. In many cases, it can already fix input lag or delay. Set the Resolution option to your native monitor resolution. You should limit your framerate to a value above your monitor’s refresh rate.

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