How to Complete The Agency Deal

In this guide, you will get to know how you can complete the Agency Deal. First of all, you will be taken to this location which will have a lot of guards.

You can either shoot them and enter into the building with the blueprint as shown in the image below.

Take the picture of this blueprint and send it. Wait to get some information. In the information, you will be told to get to the subway tunnel this way.

Now you will need to get out of your car and head to the store.

Take a picture of this door and just send it. After sending the picture, just get to your car and leave that particular area as the first prep mission ends here. The second prep mission is going to be the security pass. Simply get on to your helicopter and get into an area like this.

Here you need to kill a load of people. Once you get to this location, you just need to start attacking them with your missiles. If they try to run away from you just blow up their vehicles and move back to your auto shop. Here this prep mission gets completed.

The next mission will be the loadout for which you will need a hustler and you need an assault rifle.

Now you need to drive back to the door where you took the picture in the first prep. Press the d-pad and you will be moved to another building. After entering the building, you have to kill the guy, as shown below:

Once you kill this person, there will be an attack on you from behind. If you have got fewer lives then it is recommended that you just sit for a while in order to regain your lives and then start killing the people. Once you kill everyone out there, head to the stairs.

There will be four people to kill you once you get above these stairs. Just kill them and you will enter into a new cutscene which will be a room like this.

Once you get out of this room, there will be two more guys to kill you. Just kill them using your weapons.

The next room will take about 1 to 2 minutes as there will be fewer guys for you to kill. You can take the cover of the wall. Stay aware of your back as well as sometimes a person coming down from stairs might kill you. After that, just get in your car and rush through the police officers.

Now you will arrive at your final destination. Keep an eye on this shovel.

Once you find this shovel, just press around the d-pad to dig and you will find the crate out there. You will get the final recipe now. Just deliver it to the client. The mission will be completed here.

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