How To Complete The ECU Job in GTA 5 Online

This guide provides you the knowledge about how you can complete the ECU Job in GTA online. Firstly you need to collect the piece of paper on the wooden crate and then find a bag. After that, heading towards the train and stealing the schedule is the main part and all of these events in the mission are explained in detail.

In this guide, you will get to know how you can complete the ECU job in GTA. You will start off this mission with the train inventory mision. Firstly, you need to head over to a helicopter or a car depending on you. You can go all guns blazing if you have those guys. All you have to do is to move to the back of the ship and look to find a paper on a wooden crate or a crate of some type.

After finding that paper, you have to take its picture and send it to her. Then move to the front of the bow and find some kind of drill on the equipment that you need to do.

Now you have to take this bag and get off the boat. Head To the auto repair workshop to deliver your stolen goods.

The next step is to head over to the train and make sure that you are close enough to where it appears on the mini map. You will need to take a picture of the train and of the hydraulics brakes on the train as well.

Once you are done with taking pictures of those things then you will head back to the tower and kill everyone there. It is highly expected that you cannot perform this task silently as there will be some noise produced. You have to kill the guy with the shotgun as well and then just steal the schedule from the table.

After that, go to the auto repair workshop. Now you are ready for your final mission, which is going to be the train heist. There will be around 3 different levels or loads. You will be having a sniper and a sharp shooter. If you think that you can kill everyone by staying at a longer distance then just do it, however it will be a slower act and it is recommended to stay away from such acts.

Once you have selected your load out then what you simply have to do is to start the mission. It is considered the easiest part of the mission as you just have to drive four miles.

Now you have to wait for the train to arrive and once it arrives, get close to the train cabin and start throwing these red containers there. You need to get as close to the train as you can to avoid someone shooting you. The helicopters are the only possible options that can shoot you. However, there are less chances that they will shoot you off.

Now you will need to explode the fourth container and the train will immediately stop you. At that point, you have to kill yourself as the mission will be a lot easier now. After that, look at the message on the container which will be “S8B5”.

Now simply you will find that container and will move to its main door. Now pull out your drill and drill through the main door by pressing right on the d-pad. The door will be opened and you will see whether it is the container which you were searching for.

Once you have checked that container, now you have to check the other container. Afterwards, sit in your vehicle and head towards the motorway. If you have already killed yourself earlier then the last drive of the new mission will be easier for you and the helicopter also will not be able to catch you if your car is not damaged to a greater extent.

Once you get into the city, you will lose all the guys and will have enough time to escape and to arrive at your destination.

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