How to Complete The Secret Treasure Hunt in GTA Online

In this guide, you will find out how to complete the Secret Treasure Hunt & unlock the Gold Double Action Revolver in Grand Theft Auto Online.

You will need to simply load up into the Grand Theft Auto Online lobby and then after a couple of minutes of being in that Lobby, you’ll get an on-screen notification that says you have received an email to begin a treasure hunt. You have to open the email app on your phone to view it and you will find a new email from [email protected]

Use the photograph in this email to identify the location of the treasure.

It will send you a message and it is where it’s gonna be different for you. So all the treasure locations and all the clues you need to find, they’re scattered in different parts of the world but the steps are gonna be the exact same.

In this case, it was the mineshaft out near Trevor’s airfield. When you get near the location, there will be a big golden circle on your map.

So even if you don’t necessarily know where it is, for the most part, you can find out in the general area. On that mine shaft door, the clue was that ‘treasure tore our family apart. It ain’t here no more. I moved it, your efforts will never find it’’.

So once you check out that first clue, it’ll say treasure hunt, you need to investigate all the clues to find the treasure. Three question marks will be put on your map. It literally couldn’t be any easier in the radius of where those question marks are so small.

So, in this case, the first clue was in grapeseed which is an empty case of a revolver.

And the other one was on the Alamosea, a bloody shovel.

The third was in the middle of nowhere in this hilly area.

Once you investigate that, it will say “Treasure Hunt clues three of three.”

After that, it will say that the final location of the treasure has been revealed. You need to go there to unlock the chest and collector. So it puts it on the mini-map for you. In this case, it was actually underneath the highway kind of in Murrieta Heights.

It just turns out that there are two dead Hicks with a shovel and they’ve already uncovered the treasure.

What happened here is they dug it up and when they couldn’t decide who is gonna get it, they both shot each other. So you can open the chest and get this really cool cutscene and animation here. Pull out the golden double-action revolver which is so awesome and then it’ll say treasure found. You now own the double action revolver weapon unlocked double action revolver.

This is a really really cool weapon and it’ll also say get 50 headshots with the double action revolver to unlock a GTA reward and an exclusive variation of the revolver in Red Dead Redemption.

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