How To Complete The Whale Tale Quest | Vesteria

In this guide, we are going to tell you how to complete the whale tale quest in Vesteria Beta.

The first thing you will need to do is to talk to this NPC over here.

After that, you will have to find the fisherman and ask him about the brother. He will tell you to head to the port of fidelio.

Now hop into the sea side path portal.

This is the hunters flag meaning that this portal is leading you to the right way.

From here follow this muddy part and take a right when two turns come in your way. And keep following the muddy part after taking the right.

Jump onto this sandy path, take a right and keep following the path.

From here it is easy just keep going straight until you get to the portal.

The portal is right there

As you can see, this portal will take you to the scallop shores.

We are halfway there.

From here, follow this muddy path again and cross the bridge on the way.

Take a right from here and then keep running for a while. The map alone for this is beautiful, that is why this is one of the best games on roblox.

There will be a hill in the way. You need to go up the hill. And take a left here, keep going this way up the hill.

There will be the portal to port fideldo. Hop right into it.

From here, just keep following the path. Keep going straight.

Take a left to the city center and run towards the bar.

Talk to this pirate. He will ask you for a muffin.

Buy it here and then give it to him.

He will tell you to go to a guy upstairs. This guy will tell you to find a scientist at the bay. Head to the bay to find a scientist.

There he is, the mad scientist. Go behind him to pickpocket him.

He will give you this key.


Now head to his house and climb these stairs.

The tower to the right is his house. You have to climb up to get to the door.

There may be too many people trying to climb up. Be careful while climbing.

Enter the room and read this book.

It will tell you that you should head to the bay once again.

And this is the whale. The lost brother got turned into a whale by the mad scientist.

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