How to Crack Lua Spy Vaults in Warframe

This guide will tell you how to crack the Lua Spy vaults in Warframe. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to crack it. 

There will only be three types of different data vaults in the Lua Spy mission that you will have to go through to crack the vaults.

This vault will revolve mainly around shooting buttons. To start, you will need to shoot the portal to the left and go through it, then use the terminal to open the book to the first part of the vault.

You have to enter the first room, and you will see a floating box with a button on it that you can shoot. The box will advance when you do that, and a floating wall will appear.

Once the first floating wall appears, you will see that it shines blue; you will not shoot the button unless you are on the shining blue floating wall. You will need to jump up to the floating wall and aim while on/against it to latch onto the wall, in which while you latched onto the shining blue wall, you’ll be able to shoot the button, but you can only be latched onto the wall for a short time, so you have to be quick about shooting the button.

Each time you shoot the button, the button’s box will advance, and a new floating wall will appear. You have to jump to the next wall to reshoot the button;  however, if you fall off, you won’t lose progress, but you will have to jump back to the last wall that appeared to shoot the button for the next wall to appear, and for the box to advance again. Also, there will be one wall that shines blue, indicating which wall you’re going to be jumping to and shooting the button from next. 

Once the button has advanced far enough, it will reach the center, where it will disappear, then you will have to do the same process as you did before in the next room. Except for this time, the button you are shooting rotates to different sides of the pillar that you’re shooting it on. There’s also a short delay each time you shoot the button, so you will have to wait a second before jumping to the next wall, so you don’t accidentally hit the lasers.

To start this room, you will need to go straight to the left and shoot open the portal to the left and go through it. Once you’ve gone through it you’re going to look nearby that portal, and you should see another portal that’s already open in which you’re going to want to go through that portal.

Once you’ve gone through the portals, you should be in an area that looks like this, and all you are going to do is go through this cavern-like area until you reach a door that leads to the next area. 

Once you are in the next room that looks like this, you will go to the right and down the stairs, and you should see a portal that you can go into. Once you’ve gone through the portal, you have to head back to the top of the stairs, and if you have your operator mode, you can leave your war frame on the pressure plate then head to the door where the vault is. If not, you will have to stand on the pressure plate then get through the door to the vault quickly.

To start the last room, you’re going to look to the right, and you should see a locked door with a button on top of it. You have to shoot the button and go into the room where there should be a portal, and you’re going to go through that portal.

When you get to this part of this vault, you will need to shoot the button; but when you shoot the button, you will have a limited amount of time to get through the whole area before the doors close. However, if you don’t make it and get stuck in a room, it’s fine because there is a way to get out of each room.

If you happen to get stuck in this part of the room, then all you have to do is go to the other side of the room from which you came in, and you should be able to find a terminal you can hack in front of the door that will open the door to the next room.

If you get stuck, all you have to do is go to the other door in the room and look for a portal that will be going into the room briefly, then out of the room through the door and go through the portal.

And finally, in this room, all you are doing is playing Simon says more or less by shooting the button. Once you shoot the button around the button, you will see a pattern of lights light up in a certain order. You need to copy that order by jumping on the white pads around you each time you fail to copy the order of the Simon, says game lasers will start appearing one by one from the center platform, but by standing on the center platform, you can avoid them easily.

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