How to Farm Domain in Genshin Impact

This guide will let you how to farm Domain, Crimson witch of flames set with Hu Tao builds and teams. 

First of all, here is the domain location and set in the following image. Remember that full sets drop here in this domain, not only the flower. 

The team combinations will be Barbara for removing Pyro buff and taking off Pyro shields.

Hu Tao as main damage dealer, Albedo to boost damage and crystal shield, Diona to trigger melt and give us shields. 

Melt (cryo + pyro) will deal aoe damage to your opponents, and overloaded (electro pyro) will deal you damage. 

The fight will be splitted in three phases: 

  • Phase 1 with 2 pyro slimes. 
  • Phase 2 with 2 blazing Axe mitachurl. 
  • Phase 3 with 2 pyro mage. 

You will need to begin by killing the 2 Pyro slimes with HU tao normal/charged attacks with Albedo’s flower, Diona’s shield, and Barbara’s song. 

This phase is the only hard and long part of the fight. 

Then begin Phase 2 with the two blazing axes. 

The idea here is to remove their pyro buff with Barbara, and now you will be able to use Hu Tao’s E to kill them. 

Now begins Phase 3 with the two pyro mages. The idea here is to pack them and take down their pyro shield with Barbara, then finish them off with Hu tao’s E and ultimate. 

You have the global idea of the overall fight. 

Let’s now check these 3 phases in detail with tips! 

You have to begin phase one with Albedo, then always keep and refresh his E. you should always have your opponents inside the flower’s AOE.  

Then cast Dioana’s E to give you a shield, you should always have a shield on you (diona’s or pyro crystal), while fighting slime on pyro form or versus pyro mage. 

Finish the first slime before going to the second. The second slime will be in pyro form, so you can use shields and Barbar’s song to deal damage, tanking the pyro ball continuously.  

Don’t forget to refresh Albedo’s E. It helps you boost your damage. it will also trigger crystals, giving you a pyro shield when taking crystals. 

In Phase 2, try to pack the two blazing axes and remove them, their pyro buff with Barbara (near them with song and normal attack)

You have to begin damaging them with Hu tao’s E, with normal and charged attacks when it’s done. 

Finally, in phase 3, you will need to do the same as phase 2. Try to pack them and use Barbara’s song and normal attack to break shields. When it’s done, refresh shields to tank damage, and use HU tao’s E and ultimate and finish off with normal/ charged attacks. 

With crystallize and Diona’s shield you will take no damage and will finish this fight easily. You can also use a 4-star polearm weapon. 

The fight will be the same as usual but with a little less damage. Only phase 1 will be longer, but you will be able to do it without trouble. 

Hu Tao is a free-to-play friendly pairing with the right support; you will do well in domains/ abyss/ boss. 

You can also use Hu Tao or Diona’s ultimate on them if needed. The damage is still really good with her E and ultimate, and you will kill them fast. 

You can do the same strat as a replacement using Zhongli instead of Albedo and Qiqi instead of Diona. If you still have trouble with slimes with Hu Tao or don’t have Albedo/Zhongli. Here is an alternate strategy to deal with them. You can use two cryos to take down the slimes for Hu Tao. You can use Ganyu or Chongyun to kill them. 

You have to kill the slimes with Ganyu or Chongyun and shield them with Diona. 

When the slimes are down, resume the usual strategy with Hu Tao. 

Not having crystallized, you may use Barbara’s ultimate to heal your team. You can adapt the team to your needs and gameplay. Let’s now see builds you could use. 

HU tao’s builds

In a four stars weapon, you can use a deathmatch or lithic spear, don’t forget to adapt your team with liyue characters in this case. 

If you manage to get it, use the staff of Homa, which is her best weapon scaling perfectly with her HP increase and 50 percent life ultimate. Depending on what you have, there are different artifacts built. The two crimsons and 2 gladiator’s build. 

Try to have HP% on every piece, pairing with crit rate/ dmg as much as possible. If you don’t have two pieces of the crimson set. Just use 2 blood-stained/ 2 glad or the easiest to get, four pieces of gladiator’s final. 

If you want to do really big damage with your ultimate, your goal will be the 4 pieces of the crimson witch of flames. Hu Tao is an excellent main damage dealer, so you will have to up all of her talents when you can!

The next is Albedo’s build; it is the same as the previous.

Barbara’s build 

Barbara and Diona’s build are examples to boost Hu Tao’s ultimate. You can use Barbara and Diona’s before ultimate with Hu Tao. 

Ganyu’s build 

Let’s now see Hu Tao in different builds and places. HU tao farming her set. 

Build: 2 crimson/ 2 gladiator

Hu Tao Abyss floor 7/1

Build: 4 crimson witches of flames

Hu Tao abyss floor 9/3

Build: 2 crimson 2 gladiator

Hu tao abyss floor 10/2.

Build: 2 crimson 2 gladiator

Hu tao abyss floor 10/3.

Build: 2 crimson 2 gladiator  

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