How to Find Vizier Predasite’s and Get Vizier Predasite tags in Warframe

This guide will let you know how and where to find Vizier Predasite’s and get Vizier Predasite tags in Warframe. 

You can capture Vizier predestines using the tranq rifle on Deimos. And they can spawn during fass or maybe spawn during vome as well.

Once you get on Deimos, you can pull out your tranq rifle, and you have to go to the blue and white paw symbols on the map. You will find a “clue” that will lend you to the Predasite.

When you get to a trail/clue, it will either say predasite trail start point or avichaea trail start point. There is a good chance that every start point you go to won’t be for a predasite, so you can go to a different start point on the map until you find the predasite one.

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