How To Get Bombastic Bling In Ready Player Two Roblox

This guide will tell you how you can get Bombastic Bling and outfit in Robloxian High School. It will also provide you with two methods to get a key, that can be used to enter the portal.

First, you will need to get a Key. There are 2 methods of getting it. The first method takes some time but everyone manages to get the prize using it. The second method takes less time but you need to have a fast internet for it.

For First Method, you will need to first go to the Library.

Once you’re here, there are 6 seats. You will need to sit in any one of those seats.

Now you will need to wait until all the periods are over.

Once all the periods are over, You’ll get a notification of a Class Titled “My Home”, wait for it to start.

Once it starts, you will need to wait until it ends. Once the class ends, you have to jump and sit again on the seat that you were on.

Now wait for a couple of seconds and the key will spawn behind your seat.

For the second method, which is the easier one, you’ll need a Vip Server. It is free for Robloxian High School, so you can get it for this method.

After sitting in this chair before the time hits 08:00 AM, stay seated and a key will spawn in a couple of seconds.

Enter in the room beside brown sofas.

Once you’re here, Use the key and enter the Portal.

Now you will need to reach the end of this obby. Come to this location by passing all the obstacles.

Once you’re here, you will need to fall into the Void. After getting teleported, touch the Bombastic Bling to get it.


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