Coal is a very useful resource item to have in the Stardew valley game. You can craft new items with the help of coal, ignite the furnace using the coal and then melt different items in it to craft new ones.  

Go through the guide and follow the steps below.  

Get Coals from mines:

Mining is a very popular way of getting the coal, exit from the north-central side of your farm to reach the mines quickly. There are several methods to obtain the coal from mines, you may find it luckily during collection of different rocks. You may find the coal this way on some lucky day, so don’t ever miss this chance.  

The second method to find coal is that you will have to start mining in the mine crafts. Remember, some of the minecarts will turn out to be nothing.  

You will find some brown bags in the mines, these bags are left here by the miners. Open up the bag to find out the coal but remember you will find only one bag at a time.  

Some enemies may also leave their coal in the mines. There are 50% chances of dust sprites to throw their coal away, you can fight against them to get the coal in level 41. Mostly there will be coal in one of the two rocks that is hit by the dust sprite.  

There are some monsters under the floor, you can also get the coals from them. But there is a very less chance to get the coal this way. These were the methods to get coal from the mines.  

Get coals by making charcoal kiln:

There is an option to set a charcoal furnace in order to make coal. This furnace will consume 10 woods to give you 1 coal. You will need 20 pieces of woods and one gold to make this furnace, and this is a really expensive method to make coal.  

Get coals by buying from blacksmith:

You can also get the coal from the blacksmith shop. But this would be very expensive as he will charge 150 gold for one piece of coal.  

You have another option to buy 10 woods from the shop of Robin for 100 gold. And then burn the woods in the furnace to make coal, this method will save 50 gold.  

But you can buy the woods only if you don’t have them in your stock or you don’t want to chop down the trees either. These are all of the methods to obtain the coal in Stardew Valley.

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