How To Get Milk In LEGO Fortnite

In this guide, you will learn how to get Milk in Lego Fortnite. Go through the guide and follow the simple instructions to get it.

  • Cows are usually found in grassy plains or safer biomes. You need to approach these cows and stop near them.
    When you hover your cursor over the cow, an option to pet should appear.
  • Click to pet the cow, but be patient. If you rush, the cow might run away.
    After successfully petting the cow, it will drop milk for you.
  • Pick up the milk from the ground.
    Drinking the milk will restore your health, helping you to recover.
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  • You can repeat this process with different cows to collect more milk.
  • However, there might be a cooldown period if you try to milk the same cow too frequently. So, it’s better to milk different cows and then come back after a while to get more milk.
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