How to Get Two Op Red Artifact in Begining – Elona Mobile

This guide will let you know how to get two OP Red Artifact on beginning in Elona Mobile

Race and class do not matter; any character can do it. 

You can use the snail tourist because it’s the weakest combination. 

The basic requirements to do this are: 

1. Don’t enter Vernis because the NPC will go from your house.

2. The weight lifting skill, Golem race and Pianist have it initially. If your character does not have weight lifting initially, you need to learn from the skill trainer. It costs ten platinum coins.

3. You need to have 12k gold to buy the bomb.

You have to do the tutorial, as it will give you a lot of good stuff. Once he gives you lockpick, you can leave the cave.

Requirements #1 Don’t go to vernis 

You should go to Yowyn instead to learn weight training.

Requirements #2 Learn weight training 

Since your character is not a Golem or a Pianist, you don’t have weight lifting yet. You will need to learn it from a skill trainer.

Weight lifting needs ten platinum points. To get it, the easiest way is to watch ads videos.

Press refresh and try to get the one with the platinum icon coin.

You can only get 3*3 platinum coins from the ads (maximum) and get the rest from the job board.

Jobs are the easiest, the monster around or defeat monster is good if you can beat the monster.

Now you have ten platinum coins; let’s move on to learn weight lifting.

After learning weight lifting, you will need to get the bomb. You have to go to Durphy to buy a bomb.

Requirements #3 Have 12k to buy the bomb.

You only have 2K so far. the easiest way to get 10k more is to do this floating tutorial.

Click the sword icon under the bunny girl and scroll until you find the float tutorial.

You can do this simple tutorial to get 10k. 

And don’t forget to claim it. Now you have got 12k. 

After that, you will need to talk to this NPC to buy a bomb.

If you don’t have weight training, you won’t be able to lift it. Once you pick the bomb, you need to get back to your home by killing yourself. 

The easiest way is to press and wait until the bomb weighs, then drag and drop the wait button to your slot. 

In your inventory, you have to press alter, then drag and drop to your action slot. Press the “wait” action button until you die.

Now you will need to press return to go back to your cave.

And then make use of the bomb. 

You don’t have to go outside the cave, the bomb will be wasted. The NPC will die and drop the red artifact. 

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