How to Install Frosty Mods in Dragon Age: Inquisition & Mass Effect: Andromeda

In this guide, you will come to know how to install the Frosty mod in Dragon Age: Inquisition & Mass Effect: Andromeda. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to install the Frosty mod.  

The Frosty Mod Manager applies to various games like Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dragon Age: Inquisition. You always have to run your game from frosty mod manager to get the mods to show up. So you may keep the mods manager folder on your desktop so that you can launch your game with no effort. You only need to install one frosty mod manager, which applies to various games. 

Now you need to locate your game .exe. Go to your Origin and then the game folder. If you can see the file extensions, go to the View option located at the top of the window. You have to click on the show extensions option; it will allow you to see all the extension types.  

Now go to your drive where you saved the Origin folder. You have to make a New Folder there and name it Frosty Mod manager. The next thing you need is a zip file opener like WinRAR or 7-zip

Now click on the link below to download the mod manager.

Now unzip it and move the files from it to the new folder you created.

Now you will find that you have the FrostyModsManager.exe file. Open it and then click on the New option.

Select the MassEffectAndromeda.exe file.

After that, you have to select the game in the configuration screen and click on the Select option.

Now go to the link below to install the mods.

You can also go to Tumblr and install mods through modders. Now at first, you have to install one or two mods. They are enough to run the game smoothly. 

After you have downloaded your favorite mods, you will need to move the zip file that comes with the mods to the mods manager.

Click on the mod on the left side of the mods manager and then click on the Apply Mods located at the bottom of the window. You may also double-click on it. Make sure that you applied the correct mode in the Applied Section. Here you can see the mode name along with the checkbox.   

There are two arrow options available on the right side of the mods manager. You have to highlight the mod and then click on those arrows to move the mods.

All you need to do is launch the game by pressing the Launch button in the mods manager. You have to remember that you have to launch your game through the mods manager to apply the mods to the games. 

Sometimes it takes time to launch the game either because you are running it for the first time or you have many mods like different sizes and types installed in your mods manager. It also depends on your computer system. 

You might get a blank screen, so go to your game folder and delete the ModData folder from there. Now again, launch the game from the mods manager, and it will help you out for sure.

You can install the.DAI mods in the mods manager. But it may not work sometimes. 

You can also uninstall the mods from the mods manager. If you want to disable the mod temporarily, you can uncheck the mod from the Applied Section. But if you’re going to uninstall the mod, you have to highlight it from the left side of the mods manager and then click on the Remove Mods option at the bottom of the mods manager window.

You can create a profile with the mods manager. There’s an option of Profile below the File option. Here you will see a + and signs. When you click on a plus sign, it will allow you to create a new profile. In this way, you can keep your mods separate for your character.

To apply Frosty Mods Manager on various games, you need to repeat the process, where at the configuration screen, you have to select the exe file of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Now select the exe file of another game, and you are done. 

At the bottom of the mods manager window, there is the Remember choice option. If you tick it after highlighting the game, it will always launch that game. 

If you want to go back to the configuration screen where you can choose the game exe, you have to go to the File option at the top of the mods manager window and click on Select Configuration.

In this way, you will be able to install and apply Frosty Mods Manager on multiple games. 

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