How to Join Team Code Fast in Free Fire

In this guide, you will get to know how to join Team Code fast in Free Fire. Follow the steps in this guide to join the team code. 

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    There are three tricks to join the team using team code.

    Trick 1 

    You will first need to go to the squads and tap on the generate team code button on the left middle side of the game screen. 

    When you tap on it, you will get the team code and remember the first three digits of the team code. You have to go to the main menu and input the first three-digit of the team code in Fast team, as shown in the image below. The rest you will get from the team which you want to join. If you want to join your friends team, you have to input the first three-digit you already remember and the rest you will get from your friend.  

    Trick 2

    If you want to join the team code of the streamer giveaway, you are unsure whether you can join it because most of the users are active in joining the team code. Then you have to refresh the YouTuber stream which you want to join before inputting the team code. 

    When he input his team code, you have to watch it carefully and enter the team code in your Fast Team section, as shown in the image below, and you can easily join the team.  

    You only want to remember that you have to refresh the stream again and again for two minutes before inputting the team code in your game to join.

    Trick 3 

    If any YouTuber is streaming and the live stream is buffering only for 2 seconds which will delay the stream and you got late to join the team code. So you will need to refresh the youtube stream every two minutes and join the team quickly whenever you want.  

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