How To Make An Automated Music Disc Farm

Music disks are used to play the music and break the silence of the world. The Music Disc farm will provide you with 152 discs and 157 gunpowder every hour. This guide will let you know how to build a Music Disc Farm in the Minecraft game. Just go through the guide and follow step-by-step instructions. 

Items Needed

There are certain items you need before making an automated music disc farm such as

  • 844 Slabs
  • 460 Building Blocks
  • 160 Temporary Blocks
  • 155 Glasses
  • 100 Trapdoors
  • 25 Torch
  • 23 Fences
  • 4 Redstones 
  • 4 Iron Blocks
  • 6 Chests
  • 13 Redstone Repeaters
  • 1 Comparator
  • 2 Dispensers
  • 2 Buckets Of Water
  • 1 Lever
  • 1 Carved Pumpkin
  • 1 Observer
  • 1 Nametag
  • 3 Hoppers

Open up the shulker box to bring out needed items to put them into inventory. 

Start by placing down six chest boxes like shown below.

Then add two hoppers under the chests

On the top chest add a hopper with a slab on it.

Use temporary blocks and place four building blocks around the slab. After placing building blocks you can remove temporary blocks.

Now check your Y level and remember it or write it down. In our case it is 69.

Now repeat the same pattern using temporary blocks to go up, but leave one block gap between each layer.

Keep building the layers until your Y value is 22 blocks higher, so in my case 69+22= 91. Y value will be 91 at 22nd level layer.

After making 22 layers let’s check the height by pressing F3. Y value is 91 so, the height is correct.

Now build out seven blocks from each side and connect all the posts. Lastly fill in the gaps.

Now surround the platform with a border of glasses by placing a temporary block at the start.

After developing a border, you can remove this block.

Now add three glass blocks in each corner

Make an infinite water now by digging a three block lengthy hole. Then add water in all corners of the platform using a bucket.

Now fill the sides with water source blocks.

Now go in the middle and build up three temporary blocks. Next to the last block, above the hole, place a dispenser.

Now build out six building blocks and put one glass at the end of it. Do this on each side.

Now add glass blocks on the left side of the last building block.

Then connect them diagonally. Don’t forget to place diagonal glasses.

Also fill up the gaps in the middle.

Now build some, two blocks high glass towers by following the template shown below.

Leave a one block gap above the dispenser and place down an observer facing the sky.

Place a dispenser facing up on the top of the observer.

Now build out fourteen blocks in each direction of the dispenser. Better to use bottom slabs so that mobs can’t spawn on it.

Connect the ends now and then fill in the huge gap with blocks. And the roof will be done after that.

Now go to the spawning platform and cover the ceiling with trapdoors. When the ceiling is done, put a water bucket in the dispenser.

Now build the clock for the dispenser above. Start by placing a block with a redstone on top of the dispenser. Then build the sides out by four blocks. Place another nine blocks next to it.

Place down a block with a lever on top.

Add a comparator next to it and turn it on. Add redstone running out of the comparator. 

Place down six repeaters and set all of them on the last tick. Put down another two red stones.

And run the repeaters back, also all on the last tick.

Now try it out. Press the lever to turn it on.

It is time to build the AFK spot now. Check your y level and build up 96 blocks above from that Y value. At the moment my Y value is 97 so I need to go above the 193 value.

Place a slab at bottom and put scaffolding to build up 96 blocks.

Keep checking your Y value to stop when you reach at the right height. As in my case I have reached the right height.

Build a small platform to AFK on now.

Add temporary blocks to put a slab above you, so the phantoms won’t attack you when AFKing for longer periods. Then you can remove all scaffoldings. 

Start building the bottom now. Build out five blocks beside by building blocks over the hopper. Add a temporary block and building block under it.

Now build up walls around the blocks placed before.

Also build out a roof but leave a hole at the end.

Make temporary stairs so we can get a skeleton in here.

Now wait until the night for the mobs to spawn.

Let’s find a skeleton now. You have to get the skeleton up the stairs and in that hole we left there before. Stair up yourself so that the skeleton follow you and gets stuck in that hole. 

Put a nametag on him and close the roof.

Build out seven temporary blocks from the top chest and place a building block as the eighth block.

Add to slabs, one bottom and one top slab, so that the skeleton would not be able to hit the golem.

Now place down fences around the building blocks.

Make it three level high but leave the top layer open from the collection side.

Build an iron golem too in the cage.

And remove the temporary blocks.

The farm is ready. I will do an AFK test now and show you the results after that. Check results after an hour. Open all chests to see the collection. You will get over 150 gunpowder and over 150 music discs in an hour.

If you want to expand the farm, then just build more spawning platforms on top of each other.

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