How To Make Firework Target Design

Firework Target is a beautiful structure. When you strike an arrow on the target block using your crossbow, it will light up and fireworks will go upward in the air. This guide will tell you the method to make one. 

In order to make a Firework Target Design, place a smooth quartz block on the ground, target block at the top of the smooth quartz block and then another smooth quartz block at the top of it. Finally place a redstone lamp on this block. 

Add a redstone torch at the back side of the target block and a smooth quartz block at the top of this torch. Place a redstone torch at the top of this smooth quartz block. 

The next you will have to do is to put some redstone dust on the ground to connect it with the dispenser. And then place a dispenser on the ground. 

And then move to the front side and hit the target block with a crossbow. The lamp will light up after striking the arrow.

Now you need to craft the fireworks. Take crafting table out of your inventory and open up 3*3 crafting grid. Add red dye, gunpowder and fire charge in respective cells of the first row to craft the firework star. 

And then add this firework star and paper respectively in the first two cells of the first column and two gun powders in the first two cells of the second column. This will craft three Firework Rockets for you. Bring this in your inventory. 

Add these firework rockets in the dispenser. And make a complete wall by placing quartz blocks on both sides and top of the target block. 

Move back and change the game time to have a try at night. Strike the target block with your crossbow and it will light up in such a beautiful way. And the fireworks will go up in the sky. 

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