How To Make Stone Brick Wall

A wall is a decorative block that acts like fences. We can use them to block off areas, as players and most mobs are unable to get over them.

To make a stone brick wall you will need, Cobblestone, Stone using Furnace and Stone bricks. Please follow the following steps to make a stone brick wall.


In order to make a stone brick wall, the first item you will need is cobblestone. You will have to find and get at least 8 cobblestone blocks.

Stone using Furnace

Then make your way towards the furnace and use 8 cobblestones to get 8 stones. Add these stones in your inventory.

Stone bricks

Move to the crafting table just next to the furnace and open 3*3 crafting grid. You have to craft stone bricks by adding 8 stones in four adjacent cells. Bring these bricks into your inventory.  

Stone brick wall

Now you can craft a stone brick wall on the crafting table. Add stone bricks on the crafting grid to craft a stone brick wall. Don’t forget to take this wall in your “ready to use” stock. 

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